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Posted 2019-09-17T20:59:00Z


Dear Friends,

Please join us for the 2019 Susan G. Komen MORE THAN PINK walk on October 26 at Maryland Farms! So many of you have supported TEAM SHERRI the past three years and we would be honored if you'd walk with us again. Together, we've raised over $10,000 and we're not stopping any time soon.[...]

Posted 2016-09-23T18:18:07Z

There's still time to join TEAM SHERRI!

Maryland Farms, Brentwood, TN, United States

Click here for driving directions.


There is still time to join Team Sherri for the Susan G. Komen Greater Nashville Race for the Cure on Saturday October 1st. We have raised $4,270 and we are well on our way to meeting our goal. Will you register or donate today towards research and education efforts? Your support is so appreciated, and we hope to see you in 8 days![...]

Posted 2016-06-18T06:29:11Z

June update!

Hi everyone! Blessings to you all!!!

It has been a while since I have updated my blog. Things have been slowing down as far as doctors appointments, etc.,  but it still seems that I have something almost every week! It's kinda crazy! [...]

Posted 2016-05-19T04:24:00Z

day by day. . . .

Hi friends! Being thrown into a new life- changing event can be very overwhelming. I still think I am processing the past 5 months. So much to do- and it all needs be done quickly. So I just went into the "I CAN DO THIS" mode. Now that things have calmed down, I am reflecting on it all. [...]

Posted 2016-05-10T15:53:00Z

Family time!

It was SO great to have all my kids together this weekend. We haven't all been together since last Christmas. This year was extra special to me, having gone through breast cancer and all that it entails. Time is more precious to me and I don't ever want to take that for granted. Taking one day at a time- not living in the past- not living in the future- but enjoying "this day that the Lord has made". Trying to slow down and appreciate all the little things. Living one day at a time is really a new concept for me. Oh, I've heard that all my life but never really took it to heart. Cancer has a way of reminding us of these things. [...]