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Posted 2016-04-19T20:08:00Z

Almost 3 weeks since reconstruction

Hello Friends!!!

The past few weeks have been a little hard both physically and mentally. Everything is going very well except I'm having some nerve pain on one side. Doc says it might be shingles (isn't that a disgusting word?????). But don't worry, if you see me, I'm not contagious. I have no outbreak, only the pain. Doc gave me medicine and now it feels better. Otherwise, the "sisters" are doing great and healing up very well. [...]

Posted 2016-04-11T05:53:57Z

It's not April fools. . . But. . . .

Getting through this second surgery was harder than I thought it would be. The fat grafting for the fill-in around the implant makes you feel like, well, you've been hit by a truck!! But, it's day 10 after surgery and I'm starting to feel like myself again. Haven't needed pain meds for a few days and finally got my last drain taken out on Friday. That makes me super happy!!!!!![...]

Posted 2016-04-06T17:47:00Z

The club. . .

 Have you ever wanted to be in the "in" club? You know, the one where everyone is carefree, cool, drives a convertible, has perfect hair, loves the Doobie Brothers😀, has all the right clothes, tons of money, etc.?? I don't know if there's such a club or not, maybe I should start one! ( actually sounds like a groovy 70's club. Now there is an idea!!!! Although I don't meet all the criteria!! ). But that is not the club that I have been invited to join.[...]

Posted 2016-04-04T03:37:35Z

Day 4 after reconstruction

It's been a long few days. And I've kinda felt wiped out. 

Surgery went very well, and I seem to be healing nicely. I think I've been surprised at the pain level associated with the procedure and the liposuction. It's harder than I thought it would be. But today I could tell that I had "turned the corner" and am feeling a little better. We had dinner brought to us the past three nights, which has been WONDERFUL! It has made a big difference in the amount of work Marty is able to get done, and it blesses me with company and friendship for a few minutes. [...]

Posted 2016-03-31T02:37:00Z

Surgery is over:) Expander gone bye bye!!!! ( Touch photo for full picture 😷)

Had a successful day😀 .  I'm still kinda loopy from the anesthesia but feeling pretty well. I'm really tired so I'll make this short and sweet!!!! I am so thankful for my hubby, kiddos, family, friends, and Dr. Hatef. If you ever need a plastic surgeon, He is your man. So kind and compassionate. And very thoughtful to his patients. [...]

Posted 2016-03-20T21:19:07Z

The countdown is on!

10 more days!! This picture is of my chest X-ray. The flying saucer looking thing is the port where they have been injecting me with saline preparing me for reconstruction. Next Wednesday, March 30 is the day when this lovely expander comes out!! Yay!!![...]

Posted 2016-03-16T14:37:18Z

Missing Dad........

This photo was made on Christmas Day, 2013. On March 16, 2014, my dad passed away. It would take a book to tell about him. He was extremely smart. He could process numbers in his head before I could get the answer on a calculator. He taught college classes without ever having been to college. He loved to hunt big game and his house is evidence of that :). He loved to tell stories and he was a huge sports fan. He could pretty much talk about any subject you wanted to talk about. He was an avid reader. But the best part of my dad- he was a good father. Oh how he loved me!!! His countenance was always kind and even-tempered. He never lost his temper with me and his words were gentle and wise. He and mom taught me about God. He was very generous man who loved to bless others. He loved people and he especially loved his children and grandchildren.[...]

Posted 2016-03-15T05:20:00Z

A few thoughts on the power of the tongue......

My body has been going through so many changes- one of which is the medicine I've been told I need to take for 5-10 years. That's a really long time!!! I've been taking it since early January and I am definitely starting to feel some effects.  My family can probably give you more insight (ha) but here are a few of the noticeable ones so far. [...]