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Posted 2016-04-19T20:08:00Z

Almost 3 weeks since reconstruction

Hello Friends!!!

The past few weeks have been a little hard both physically and mentally. Everything is going very well except I'm having some nerve pain on one side. Doc says it might be shingles (isn't that a disgusting word?????). But don't worry, if you see me, I'm not contagious. I have no outbreak, only the pain. Doc gave me medicine and now it feels better. Otherwise, the "sisters" are doing great and healing up very well. 

Mentally, my mind has been going cray-cray!!!! Sometimes I don't take one day at a time and I start trying to plan my future. My cancer has happened at a time that is transitional in my life. I homeschooled my kiddos for 14 years, so having them around was my life. My "job" was raising and teaching them, I enjoyed those years immensely!!!! But, last year my "baby" started college. So, my nest is empty. That's really hard for this momma!!! Don't get me wrong, I love having adult children and the pleasure of watching them use their gifts and talents. Don't get me started on that subject! I'm so very proud of them.

But this whole cancer thing has thrown me for a loop. Some, or most, of that loop has been life-changing and eye-opening. I pray to use all of this for God's purpose. But, I don't yet know how I will do that. I can't just sit back and watch life pass. I need to know God's plan and make plans to accomplish that. Do I have 5 years, 10 years, 20 years??? I don't know. Cancer has reminded me that our time here is limited, so don't waste it. Please pray for wisdom for me to know the next step. 

I ask you to please pray for my friend Emily Rose who is so sick with leukemia. She lives in Washington and went to school with Dustin. She is really having a hard time with side effects of chemo and could really use the prayers. She has a website on Caring Bridge if you'd like to leave her an encouraging message.

Love you all!!!!


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  • Margaret Wall
    Margaret Wall

    I will be praying for her and you! Luv U

    3 years ago · Reply