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Posted 2016-05-19T04:24:00Z

day by day. . . .

Hi friends! Being thrown into a new life- changing event can be very overwhelming. I still think I am processing the past 5 months. So much to do- and it all needs be done quickly. So I just went into the "I CAN DO THIS" mode. Now that things have calmed down, I am reflecting on it all. 

Cancer has changed my life. It has strengthened my marriage. It has brought me closer to my children. I have made wonderful new friends, and rekindled "old" relationships, too! I have been loved like never before. And I'm inspired to love like never before. I have had excellent care, thanks to Dr. Whitworth, Bee,  Dr. Hatef, Jennifer, Kristen, and my wonderful lymphatic massage therapist, Andrea. There are so many good things that have happened, I'm not inclined to dwell on the bad. Sometimes very beautiful things come from some of the worst events in our lives. 

My journey is far from over, in fact it will probably never be over (well, until it's REALLY over ha-ha). It seems like I have an appointment of some sort most every week.

There are some days that I do get discouraged, and it's on those days that I try to remember to take one day a time. That really helps. Enjoying today for what it is, enjoying my family, the outdoors, the birds I love to watch, a phone call to my mom, a date with Dorrie, talking to my boys and Bailey, making dinner with Marty, visiting with friends - All very small things that make my life rich!!! It is a matter of slowing down. 

Don't live in the past, don't live waiting for the future, enjoy today.  

Matthew 6:34-  "so don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today's trouble is enough for today"

So, it's God's plan for us to slow down and not worry. 

My oncologist visit went well yesterday. They said come back in 3 months. Yay! Next appointment is next week to find out if I need to have my ovaries removed and for no cancer there.


Oh!!! And PLEASE COME WALK WITH ME on October 1st!!!!! It"s the  Susan Koman walk for the cure. Please join TEAM SHERRI!!!! It will be so fun!!!

love you all!



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Comments (3)

  • Margaret Wall
    Margaret Wall

    So happy for the good news of not returning for 3 months. I will continue to pray for no cancer in your ovaries. Hanging tough, my dear, can be difficult, but you are doing just that!! So proud of your faith and your strength. Know that I love you, my friend, Margaret.

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Meredith Rothschild
    Meredith Rothschild

    Sherri! I'm caught up on your post. I love the pictures, stories, and scriptures. Thank you so much for sharing them. I'm in HOT-lanta now. Getting used to the big city. Its bustling and bursting with people! Love you, Meredith

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Nancy

    Beautifully written and so inspiring! So happy things are good. You are an inspiration to me. Nancy West

    3 years ago · Reply