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Posted 2016-06-18T06:29:11Z

June update!

Hi everyone! Blessings to you all!!!

It has been a while since I have updated my blog. Things have been slowing down as far as doctors appointments, etc.,  but it still seems that I have something almost every week! It's kinda crazy! 

The lovely person in the photo is my occupational therapist/certified lymphedema therapist. Her name is Andrea Cooper. She is very good at what she does, and has helped me so much.  After having a mastectomy, I am at a higher risk to develop lymphedema. So far, I have not had a problem with it. (And I am so thankful for that! I have met several people who have had that after surgery, and it is no fun). She helps me through lymphatic massage, and teaches me stretches, etc.  I have been having some pain where the sentinel node was removed, and she massages that area and then puts a special type of tape on it to help with the scarring.  I am so thankful to have access to excellent healthcare. I found out that my insurance will pay for up to 30 visits!  woot-woot!!!! 

I think the hardest part so far has been dealing with the effects of the cancer medication that I must take.  It makes my joints hurt like I am 500 years old :/   I have also been having some migraines. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that my memory is getting bad ( haha!!! not kidding, though). 

About two weeks ago, I had a migraine that lasted for nine days. I went to the doctor, and he said that he saw some bulging behind my retina ( suggesting that something in my brain was putting pressure on my eye).  Since breast cancer can spread to your bones and brain, my mind immediately started reeling. . .  The thought of more cancer really scared me (I didn't think it would). I had a brain scan that day, and I am very thankful that nothing showed up on that! I had my eyes checked by an ophthalmologist who did several tests on my eyes. That turned out well, too!! Just need some new glasses:)  I then had blood work and a bone scan, and all tests came back great! So my next step is to see a neurologist. 

I had my first three month check up with my oncologist. She said everything is fine and I will go back in three more months. I am certainly dreading the first mammogram since my surgery!!! That will be in the fall sometime and I'm sure I will write all about it!!! UGH!!!

It has now been five months since I was first diagnosed. I still have one more surgery. When it's all said and done, it will have been a year to get it all fixed and healed. I consider myself VERY blessed though.  God is so faithful and it is amazing to see how he has worked in so many areas of my life.  The blessings I have experienced have been remarkable. I have been blown away! 

I know that God has a plan for my life. And I know that he will determine the number of days I have left on this earth. That brings me so much peace. HE is in charge and through it all, I have been confident of that. Now, that's not to say that I don't have bad days! Some days I am really grump-o-la :))) I miss my estrogen!! Estrogen is a girl's best friend;)

I am looking forward to my "next" life.. Trying to decide what I will do with myself since I now have an empty nest. I don't think I want to go back to teaching, but I do feel very called to help others. I'm praying about it and hope to find the perfect ministry/job. I would love to work with other cancer patients- just not sure in what capacity.

Thank you to all who have prayed for me. I appreciate it so very much. It has been quite humbling. 

Love you all:) 


P.S.  I have a team for the Susan Komen walk in October. I would be so delighted to have you join me on October 1!  My team is "Team Sherri".  My goal is to raise $10,000!!! Come walk with me to help find a cure for cancer :))) it's going to be so fun. 



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  • Janie Billingsley
    Janie Billingsley

    Thank you for updating. I was thinking about you and hoping things were going well. Sounds like your medical team is on top of every thing and above that, God has it all covered. Love you

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Sharon Lancaster
    Sharon Lancaster

    Love you! You are so beautiful, inside and out.❤️

    4 years ago · Reply