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Celebrating today!!!

Genetic testing back😊 All good news!! No cancer mutations!! Thanking God for this terrific news. Going tomorrow to come up with a "game plan" for the future. As for my kids, sister, and other relatives, this is monumental  news for their future as well. Still some decisions to be made, but these results will definitely help me and my doctors with that. [...]

Some thoughts about joy. . .

 I have had so much on my mind lately. And a lot of it has to do with cancer, my life, my kids, my future, my relationship with God, my attitude, my example, and my growth. I have learned much from these last few months. But, a verse from James keeps popping in my head. [...]

My hubs! (PS) if you click on his picture,you can see the whole photo!

I am so fortunate to have a husband who has been supportive. It's not easy for a man, I'm sure, to be in a breast oncology/plastic surgeons office once or twice a week (How awkward for a man to look through pictures of breasts- and be able to try to give an opinion on what looks "good". It is strange how it becomes like you're looking at noses or hands or any other part of the body. I must admit he was pretty quiet, but who wouldn't be??? If he says too much, he would be in big trouble when we got home-hahahaha- smart man 😋)[...]

Because it's all about the bass. . . . Haha. I mean- because it's all about the breast......

So, no big news to share today. I have been having some pain where the drains came out and some swelling. Yesterday I went to the lymphedema specialist for a lymphatic massage and to break up some of the scar tissue that is limiting my mobility. That was very interesting. As she rubbed that area, I could hear the "pop" of the tissue releasing. I go again on Friday to have some more massage and hopefully alleviate a little pain. [...]

Sitting where God places us:)

I haven't been anywhere except to the doctors office or hospital in a little over three weeks. But yesterday I literally thought I was going to go cRA zY!! It's best for me to stay home, I need to be super cautious of germs and illnesses. ( Plus I really haven't felt like going out, but still- a wee tiny little outing won't count, right?) So I've been "good" and followed doctors' orders. And, I haven't driven either. I mean, I really am a model patient.😂😂😂[...]

Meet my Doc!!!

So my plastic surgeon is Dr. Dan Hatef. He is so kind and compassionate. Had my second expansion today. He is very easy going and makes everything seem comfortable in what could be a somewhat awkward situation😀. I know that he is using the God- given talent he was created to use. What a wonderful blessing he is to me and I'm sure his other patients must feel the same way. Feeling blessed and optimistic about the outcome of my new profile😊 It feels great to have such talented doctors helping me!!! [...]