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Feeling a bit overwhelmed!

Yesterday I had a very long three hour meeting with a genetic counselor.  She was very kind and very thorough. Before I went, I had about 14 pages of family history for her to review. As we  went through the information, I found myself getting more and more overwhelmed.  At first, we went through my information, then she explained genetics to me. It was like a college course! There is so much information, and much of it is very new. ( well, it is ALL new to me!) It is so interesting and encouraging to see the advancements that have been made. But at the same time, there was too much information for me to absorb!  After explaining the genetic testing to me, she gave me advice on finding out the results of testing. They will be testing 49 genes, looking for all sorts of mutations. It will take three or four weeks to get the information back. After she counseled me, we went down to the lab and had blood drawn. [...]

Keepin' on:)

So, it s been 2 weeks and one day since my surgery. Has it been easy? No. Has it been manageable? YES! There are so many people that have helped. My wonderful church family has provided dinner every night. My hubby has been so kind and patient. My children have offered much love and support.  I have THE best plastic surgeon ever. ( Dr. Dan Hatef )[...]

Great news!!!!!

 Sorry to be so long in posting, I have been exhausted today. But, I had a wonderful report at my oncology doctors visit.  The testing I had done showed that I would not benefit from chemo or radiation. This is a relatively new technology called the oncotypeDX test. My treatment plan will be hormone therapy and very consistent follow- up doctors appointments. I will go every 12 weeks for several years for an ultrasound to check lymph nodes. The cancer had spread to my sentinel node, but that node was removed and the hormone therapy should prevent any further cancer from forming. I am so thankful and very emotional!! [...]

My my my my seroma🎤

So, I had one drain taken out yesterday. It hurt a bit but I was so glad to get it out. Now I have one;) 

This afternoon i noticed some new swelling and tonight it felt weird to lay my arm against my side. So I texted my WONDERFUL doctor. I told him I felt like a big gummy bear had taken residence under my arm😳. He said it sounded like a seroma which is basically a build up of fluid under the skin. [...]

I am home!

So thankful to be on this side of surgery. It's a big deal! But feeling so blessed to receive the news that the cancer had not spread into the sentinel nodes. I still do not know results from pathology, but I believe that will happen on my post-op visit in a few weeks. [...]