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Posted 2016-04-19T20:08:00Z

Almost 3 weeks since reconstruction

Hello Friends!!!

The past few weeks have been a little hard both physically and mentally. Everything is going very well except I'm having some nerve pain on one side. Doc says it might be shingles (isn't that a disgusting word?????). But don't worry, if you see me, I'm not contagious. I have no outbreak, only the pain. Doc gave me medicine and now it feels better. Otherwise, the "sisters" are doing great and healing up very well. [...]

Posted 2016-04-11T05:53:57Z

It's not April fools. . . But. . . .

Getting through this second surgery was harder than I thought it would be. The fat grafting for the fill-in around the implant makes you feel like, well, you've been hit by a truck!! But, it's day 10 after surgery and I'm starting to feel like myself again. Haven't needed pain meds for a few days and finally got my last drain taken out on Friday. That makes me super happy!!!!!![...]

Posted 2016-04-06T17:47:00Z

The club. . .

 Have you ever wanted to be in the "in" club? You know, the one where everyone is carefree, cool, drives a convertible, has perfect hair, loves the Doobie BrothersđŸ˜€, has all the right clothes, tons of money, etc.?? I don't know if there's such a club or not, maybe I should start one! ( actually sounds like a groovy 70's club. Now there is an idea!!!! Although I don't meet all the criteria!! ). But that is not the club that I have been invited to join.[...]

Posted 2016-04-04T03:37:35Z

Day 4 after reconstruction

It's been a long few days. And I've kinda felt wiped out. 

Surgery went very well, and I seem to be healing nicely. I think I've been surprised at the pain level associated with the procedure and the liposuction. It's harder than I thought it would be. But today I could tell that I had "turned the corner" and am feeling a little better. We had dinner brought to us the past three nights, which has been WONDERFUL! It has made a big difference in the amount of work Marty is able to get done, and it blesses me with company and friendship for a few minutes. [...]