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November 8, 2018

ByJim:  Well as Sherry proclaimed after our doctor visit with Dr. Coster we escaped chemo and the breast is gone but we still feel it is the best to do radiation based upon the doctors statistics.  All indicators were positive except for the size of the cancer. 

We cannot start the radiation until her incision is completely healed.  He thinks that may take up to three weeks so we are looking to begin hopefully in December and be done before 2019 rolls around.  We would do 20 treatment (intensive) and they would take about 15 minutes each day.  In Hays they would have to do 33 treatments and although Hays is now under KU they do not have an on site KU radiologist.

This doctor visit was based upon alot of statistics. Dr.Coster is very knowledgeable and very good with his patients,  Sherry’s statistics is what he calls in the borderline area.  The final decision is hers.  However, at the end Sherry did not take very long in moving forward to do radiation.

You never know what lies ahead but we are so thankful for what has happened thus far on this road to recovery.  We have been very impressed with the doctors and the staff of KU.  We are anxious for this trip to be over.  While our holiday season will not be what we planned perhaps it will give us an opportunity to spend a little more time with KC grandkids, find more interesting places to eat,  explore more about and around KC.  I can already tell you that I for one will be ready to enjoy some country time when this is over.   

We have already made plans to stay at a hotel which is very close to the treatment center. The less distance traveling will be better for both of us!

We continue to be very thankful for family and friends and God’s great blessings!

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