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Darin Folsom Darin Folsom

So glad to hear the positive news!! Hip, hip hooray!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. Wishing you, Jim, and Family a very blessed and Merry Christmas!! Stay Strong, SD!!! Weโ€™re thinking of you!!

Arlene Carlile Arlene Carlile

Sherry and Jim,
Stay strong! You can do this together. i wish you a good day today! Power through as I know you can! Sending you hugs and lots of prayers.

Beverly Ballard Beverly Ballard

Love you Sherry. Your last post brought me to tears. Thinking and praying for you daily.

Linda Coats Linda Coats

Continued prayers! You can do this!

Beckie Holmes Beckie Holmes

Sherry & Jim, you are still in our thoughts and prayers. Even as we sit here with Rich's mom.

Beckie Holmes Beckie Holmes

Jim and Sherry, Rich just read his email from Jim a few minutes ago. So we are just learning of your recent mastectomy. From what I have been reading here there is no lymph node involvement, they got all the mass and no further treatment will be needed!! that is super!!!! Now you can heal and feel better. Do not rush it, don't push yourself to do more, let Jim pamper you and enjoy. I know his cooking must be pretty bad but if he can eat it, you can choke it down also. I will think of something different to bring over the first of the week. You are all in my prayers and if you don't mind will let all the old Crossroads family know so they can be praying for you as well. And will put you on the Methodist Church prayer list as well. We love you and are thinking about you. So glad for the updates !!!!! Beckie & Richard

Russell Isbell Russell Isbell

Getting cooler weather and rain in Texas today. Cooler weather always brings thoughts of Kansas to my mind, and every time I think of Kansas I think of you guys. While I don't need cooler weather or Kansas to be thinking of you, it does add a sense of hope for future visits and the chance to see you in person, and how much I enjoy just listening and learning of how life is for you, which I hope and pray that today life is good and heading in a strong healthy many years to come!

Pamela Medford Pamela Medford

Stay strong GF..........all prayers, hugs and love being sent to you and your family

Jeri Stewart Jeri Stewart

Hugs and Prayers to Sherry and family.

Diane Wellbrock Diane Wellbrock

Love and hugs!! Sounds like you have great care!! Deeโค๏ธ

Stacey Green Stacey Green

Thank you for the updates. Continued prayers...

Judy Thurman Judy Thurman

Travel safe! Thanks for the update Jim. Prayers for good results.

Linda Coats Linda Coats

So glad the surgery went well. Prayers

Russell Isbell Russell Isbell

Continuing prayers multiple times daily for you guys!