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This is a site to wish Kathy A a speedy recovery!

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Home update

Kathy got home on the 21st and she has been doing well. We've been quite busy, she has had a RN visit, PT and OT therapists,a wound care RN, and we've made the drive to the U of M clinic 3 times this week, for various procedures.

I've been giving IV antibiotics as well as PIC line and wound care- so  a bit of training there for me. The IV Antibiotics are now done.

In addition I've rigged up a handheld shower for her that she can use while she's seated.   Its easy to put on a handheld shower head, but it takes a bit of work to find a good bracket to hold it, since she cant reach up to the shower head to get it.  I also refined the rail height on the steps that Curt and I put in last week.


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