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Posted 2019-04-15T07:06:00Z

Let’s keep runnnnnning!!!!!

April 14th, 2019       **Cycle 7 CHEMO**

I’m back down in Stanford at the apartments for out of town long term residents. This time, my parents are here until Wednesday after which Leah Jones will hang out with me and drive me home on Saturday. SO grateful for those that have been able so far to help in this area, staying with me while I receive treatment!

It’s been a couple weeks since Ive been back here per my chemo schedule. Since I agreed to take some preventative meds last chemo cycle time, I did not get as sick as I normally did thus making these few weeks at home seem longer. YAY!! Beautiful blue skies, looking for pollywogs, tiny worm farms and heartfelt conversations that I previously have not had with the girls. All of it has been sweet to experience. 

Tomorrow is the one before the last chemotherapy. These last 2 are my least favorite. 5 days of chemo, 10 hours each day. Who wouldn’t hate that!? If all goes well, my last chemotherapy will be on May 6 - May 10th.  On top of all of this, my radiation burn is still, although well, healing! Can you join me in praying that my blood counts; specifically my white blood cell, my ANC, red blood cell and platelets stay within limits/hold up after THIS CHEMO so that I can receive my last chemo! 

‘Thanks so much’ seems shallow to describe my gratitude for staying the coarse with me these past 8-9 months. Thinking about how long this coarse has been chokes me up. So very long. So much of life has happened while I’ve been going back and forth getting chemo, returning home and feeling sick for weeks. It’s been so hard...but then I’m almost DONE!! 

Lots of love to all of you marathoners. We’re almost done. I could NOT imagine this marathon without you guys as teammates.

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