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Posted 2019-04-15T07:06:00Z

Let’s keep runnnnnning!!!!!

April 14th, 2019       **Cycle 7 CHEMO**

I’m back down in Stanford at the apartments for out of town long term residents. This time, my parents are here until Wednesday after which Leah Jones will hang out with me and drive me home on Saturday. SO grateful for those that have been able so far to help in this area, staying with me while I receive treatment![...]

Posted 2019-03-25T23:07:32Z

The marathon

March 25-29 update **Radiation wk #5 + chemotherapy (cycle 6)

I pasted an update below from a friend who stayed with Stacy in Stanford about 3 weeks ago, but it has good insight into life in treatment from Jill’s perspective.  Love that Jill! <3 [...]

Posted 2019-03-01T03:45:52Z

One day at a time

Week 1 of radiation and week 5 of chemo has been a big & busy week for Stacy!  Add to that, moving into her apartment where she’ll be for the duration of her radiation, and it’s all been a little much for a small sick person.  Stacy had a good day yesterday and felt ok, then the chemo hit today and she can barely get a sip of water down to take her medications, she is so nauseas.  Stacy has radiation every day, Monday thru Friday, for 27 days or approximately 5.5 weeks.  She will complete radiation around April 3rd if she’s able to stay on schedule.  After radiation is completed, she will still have two more in-patient 5-day hospital stays for her final two chemo cycles, on or about April 10th and May 1st.  It’s all so much.  Just one day at a time.[...]

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24 hours

24 hours.  That’s just enough time for a day’s work, a short school day, or a weekend day that feels a tiny bit longer because there might be a few hours of rest squeezed in there.  That’s just one short day.  But for someone waiting to get home that’s a very, very, very long time.  It’s less than 24 hours before Stacy is discharged from her 4th in-patient hospital stay.  She is officially half way done with her chemo treatments!  To say it’s been a marathon is an understatement.   The drugs that are literally saving her life are also killing even healthy fast-growing cell as they eat their way through all the microscopic cancer cells.  It is an amazing and agonizing process.  Truly miraculous.  But man, it is a freaking marathon for her.[...]

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Hard times

It’s late on a Saturday evening less than 24 hours after Stacy was discharged from her 3rd chemo treatment at Stanford.  She was desperate for a ‘normal day’ so we spent it window shopping and girl time.  As exhausted as she was, she found the perfectly soft sweatshirt and some time to feel like everyone else.  She sleeps soundly as I type this out.  ☺️[...]

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Rainbow fun, chemo blues & bald is beautiful

Rainbow hair compliments Molly and Ella Just a lot of fun!This is Lisa, Stacy’s twin sister, and she asked that I post a short update on her recent happenings since the treatment is making her pretty tired.  We recently had a fun weekend visit with her and the girls were ecstatic to see Aunty!   It was a kid-centered weekend, and it was a joy-filled circus! :-D. Some of the girls highlights were visiting a wonderful park in Palo Alto (Magical Bridge playground) and coloring Aunty’s hair with hair chalk (and their own too ;).  They were rainbow heads by the end of the event!  Stacy and I enjoyed catching up over crepes or sushi in the evening and cappuccino next to the Christmas tree in the mornings.  We had a wonderful host, Betsy, who made the stay very comfortable for us in her beautiful home.  [...]

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CHEMO Sandwich's

stacys-hope/0bd3b6dd-7763-4fbf-b9e7-861d7160706fIt’s the night before I am discharged from the hospital after my first round of chemotherapy.  It was hard yet better than I expected. It is a bummer to have to be in patient/in the hospital while receiving chemo continuously, but at least they are there when you start to feel bad and can sometimes rescue you from feeling awful.  Pain, fatigue, mouth sores visited me during this time and I now have meds to help me endure the healing process as my bone marrow slowly send out what my body needs to heal the healthy cells. The day before I started chemo, I had a double access port placed under my skin in my R upper chest. In order to start the chemo, they had to access the port via 2 large needles that would stay inside the port (hard to explain but I added a pic to help!). That process made me glad I was wearing a mask as I said a few words other than ouch! Wow, that hurt! [...]

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START HERE - Welcome to Stacy's PostHope Site

Hello my tribe of friends across the world.

I have tried to write this post so many different times yet words have seemed to always escape me. As many of you know watching the news that our area in Northern California/Chico/Paradise and many of the surrounding communities have been utterly devastated by the recent CAMP Fire, reported worst in CA history with 95% of Paradise city completely burned to the ground. Since Chico is only 8 miles from Paradise, many of us live in one place and commute to the other. This indescribable fire in Paradise has displaced approx 52,000 people with over 18,000 structures (>13,000 primary residences), 93 having been killed with over 200 still missing 😔. It has also destroyed a hospital, doctors offices and support services of any kind.[...]