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Posted 2019-03-01T03:45:52Z

One day at a time

Week 1 of radiation and week 5 of chemo has been a big & busy week for Stacy!  Add to that, moving into her apartment where she’ll be for the duration of her radiation, and it’s all been a little much for a small sick person.  Stacy had a good day yesterday and felt ok, then the chemo hit today and she can barely get a sip of water down to take her medications, she is so nauseas.  Stacy has radiation every day, Monday thru Friday, for 27 days or approximately 5.5 weeks.  She will complete radiation around April 3rd if she’s able to stay on schedule.  After radiation is completed, she will still have two more in-patient 5-day hospital stays for her final two chemo cycles, on or about April 10th and May 1st.  It’s all so much.  Just one day at a time.

She is so grateful to be in a fully furnished apartment complex right across the street from Stanford Outpatient Center where she gets both her chemo and radiation.  All of the apartments are full of Stanford patients and their families going through extended treatments, so there is quiet, lots of bald heads wrapped in cozy hats, and sweet smiles as patients pass each other in the hallways.  The apartments are literally a 4 minute walk from the Outpatient Center, so there no need to hassle over parking, or pay for parking every day.  As radiation drags on, coupled with dose after dose of chemo, the cumulative effects will bring massive exhaustion, nausea and skin burns.  Tough stuff. :( 

The big big downside to these apartments is that they are expensive, like everything else down here!  Stacy qualified for the Stanford housing program, which is awesome, but the price tag comes at $973/week which is $139/night.   That makes the total price for her housing during radiation a whopping $5351.50.   So here’s my shameless plug to help Stacy out.  If you have money to spare, or want to spare, for a small but mighty woman fighting a very big fight, here is your chance.  Want to sponsor a week of housing?  Or how about a day or two?  Or part of a day?  Shameless, I tell you.  Shameless. :-D. So, email me at [email protected] or navigate to Stacy’s Gofundme page at  if you’re interested in being one of Stacy’s sponsors.

We are so grateful for each day that brings Stacy closer to the end of her treatment happy and healthy once again. It almost feels like that’s a dream, but it’s a dream worth believing in!  She’ll get there!  Thank you for helping her get there too!



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  • Jill Anela
    Jill Anela

    Stacy - You are small but MIGHTY! I know it must not feel that way sometimes but you ARE. I cannot wait to see your face and just sit with you and help you with whatever it is you need in those moments: sleep, a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, gentle laughs and smiles. This is friendship. I love you. See you very soon. ♥️

    one year ago · Reply
  • Susan Marshall
    Susan Marshall

    Love you Stacy. Keep fighting. Your amazing and strong.

    one year ago · Reply
  • Carol Dyer
    Carol Dyer

    My heart just aches to read that someone so special and loving has to endure such pain. I've heard it said that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. To that I say, "Bull shit." Like we should be grateful or something. Stacy, you are strong, and you will get through this. Will you be stronger in the end? Only you know the answer to that. I pray that it will be so. Sending positive vibes and lots of prayers, from the other Auntie.

    one year ago · Reply