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Posted 2018-12-11T20:16:00Z

Rainbow fun, chemo blues & bald is beautiful

Rainbow hair compliments Molly and Ella Just a lot of fun!This is Lisa, Stacy’s twin sister, and she asked that I post a short update on her recent happenings since the treatment is making her pretty tired.  We recently had a fun weekend visit with her and the girls were ecstatic to see Aunty!   It was a kid-centered weekend, and it was a joy-filled circus! :-D. Some of the girls highlights were visiting a wonderful park in Palo Alto (Magical Bridge playground) and coloring Aunty’s hair with hair chalk (and their own too ;).  They were rainbow heads by the end of the event!  Stacy and I enjoyed catching up over crepes or sushi in the evening and cappuccino next to the Christmas tree in the mornings.  We had a wonderful host, Betsy, who made the stay very comfortable for us in her beautiful home.  [...]

Posted 2018-12-02T07:23:00Z

CHEMO Sandwich's

stacys-hope/0bd3b6dd-7763-4fbf-b9e7-861d7160706fIt’s the night before I am discharged from the hospital after my first round of chemotherapy.  It was hard yet better than I expected. It is a bummer to have to be in patient/in the hospital while receiving chemo continuously, but at least they are there when you start to feel bad and can sometimes rescue you from feeling awful.  Pain, fatigue, mouth sores visited me during this time and I now have meds to help me endure the healing process as my bone marrow slowly send out what my body needs to heal the healthy cells. The day before I started chemo, I had a double access port placed under my skin in my R upper chest. In order to start the chemo, they had to access the port via 2 large needles that would stay inside the port (hard to explain but I added a pic to help!). That process made me glad I was wearing a mask as I said a few words other than ouch! Wow, that hurt! [...]