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Posted 2019-02-03T06:07:55Z

24 hours

24 hours.  That’s just enough time for a day’s work, a short school day, or a weekend day that feels a tiny bit longer because there might be a few hours of rest squeezed in there.  That’s just one short day.  But for someone waiting to get home that’s a very, very, very long time.  It’s less than 24 hours before Stacy is discharged from her 4th in-patient hospital stay.  She is officially half way done with her chemo treatments!  To say it’s been a marathon is an understatement.   The drugs that are literally saving her life are also killing even healthy fast-growing cell as they eat their way through all the microscopic cancer cells.  It is an amazing and agonizing process.  Truly miraculous.  But man, it is a freaking marathon for her.[...]