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Sydne Murua Sydne Murua

So good to hear from you, Stacy. Thanks for keeping us close :) We're with you!!

Leah Jones Leah Jones

I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. Not a day goes by that you are not on my mind and in my prayers. Praying for encouragement, hope, comfort, and an outpouring of love. I love and miss you so much! Keep fighting Stacy! You are an inspiration to all of us. xoxo

Karma rasico Karma rasico

Praying for you! You are an amazing woman. May you feel Jesus holding you through all of this. I can’t imagine the pain and exhaustion you are feeling, You are not forgotten, love, Karma

Joy Anderson Kimball Joy Anderson Kimball

Hi Stacy! Lots of loving thoughts and prayers up here in Chico for you! A box has been delivered to your address so you should have it to open soon. Love, Joy

Anne Anderson Anne Anderson

I am sending you light to heal you, to hold you, I am sending you light to hold you in love.
Imagine me singing this for and to you, look on Youtube at Melanie Demore, singing this, powerful words and voice.
Moment by moment, may you find peace.
love, Anne

Hilary Tricerri Hilary Tricerri

Hi Stacy - just a quick note to say you are so much in my prayers...words always feel inadequate, but know you are being held in prayer today...

Norma Lee Reynolds Norma Lee Reynolds

I am not sure you received my last post, so I will try and remember it as I write again.
I went to school with your mom. When I read of your mountain (cancer) my heart went out to you. In the Bible, Jesus said to speak to that mountain and tell it to be gone. He also stated that by His Stripes you are healed. God knows what you are going through and will NOT forsake you. He sent Jesus to you because He loves you and wants ONLY the best for you. Keep up the great attitude, thank God for your complete healing and be strong in the Lord. Hope I have not gotten to preachy but it is because I care. God bless you mightily Stacy. Your new prayer warrior, Norma

Shannon Coon Shannon Coon

Hi Stacy...we have been praying for you here at BPC. We had a lovely Blue Christmas service last night and lifted you up to Gods care. We will continue to do so! Sending hugs to you! Something coming in the mail to you soon!

Leah Jones Leah Jones

I have been thinking of you so much! It is wonderful to see your beautiful face and smile in these pictures with Lisa and the girls! I am praying for strength, peace, complete healing, and that you feel the love of Jesus who is so close to you right now. Sending lots of love and hugs!

Cindy Geye Cindy Geye

So glad you got your spend time with your nieces. Faith, family and laughter are the best medicine. Love your bald head! You rock! Will keep you in my prayers.

Carol Dyer Carol Dyer

What could be more healing than the love and fun of a couple of active, happy seven year olds? They will lift you up every time. God continue showering you with blessings. You rock, Stacy!!

Susan Marshall Susan Marshall

Hey Stacy glad you got to se the girls. Nothing like two 7 year olds to make you laugh.
Been praying for you. Glad you are on the chemo break.

Jan Jan

Praying for you Stacy!
Thank you for sharing - What a blessing to see how God is faithful to take care of you❣You love for and trust in Him is like a healing balm! You are going through so much and yet are such a blessing - you just ooze the love of God❣You were already a beautiful person when I met you - warm and friendly, finding and celebrating the good and joyous things in life - including or especially our Redeemer's love and care. Ever since then, in the midst of this life journey, you continue to become radiant with beauty - you are breath-takingly beautiful❣ - in every way❣

You inspire me! So very grateful for you dear sister! Love you, Stacy!

Laura Fifield Laura Fifield

I thank God for the full and beautiful life He has given you and I pray He gives you your miracle.

Whitney Dixon Whitney Dixon

Stacy, seriously???? We're you not getting enough attention? JK, of course, but really, I have no words to express my shock and sadness that we are facing this again. Love you like crazy. Whitney