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Posted 2015-01-13T02:16:32Z

Round Two...still fighting

Dad met with Dr. Seth this morning to have blood work checked. Everything looked good so he stayed at the office for Round Two of chemo. They adjusted the dosage to address the side effects and reactions he had after round one...this includes giving him a shot to help build his blood cell count. Hopefully he can avoid the hospital this time! He is home with a pump which administers the fifth chemotherapy drug until Wednesday.[...]

Posted 2015-01-09T19:59:13Z


Still waiting for discharge but he will be home today! Lab work looked good enough this morning. More updates to follow later tonight.

"All I really need is a song in my heart, food in my belly, and love in my family..." -Raffi (his song keeps coming back around in my head)[...]

Posted 2015-01-08T19:32:16Z


No discharge yet... his blood work is looking a little better, but not good enough to go home.

Trying to strike a balance between pain and side effects. Not an easy feat for sure.[...]

Posted 2015-01-07T01:47:45Z

A Puzzle

We know you are all eager to have updates and apologize again for the wait but sometimes it is difficult (and emotional) to answer you all individually during the day. I'm going to make it my job to update daily if at all possible.[...]

Posted 2015-01-06T02:32:29Z


Hello All -

I am taking the reigns from my mom tonight. We are very appreciative of all the love and support that we continue to receive. As you can imagine, we are overwhelmed with calls, emails, and texts that it is hard to keep up....which is a great problem to have. I will do my best to update the website frequently so that more questions can be answered and communication can be more effective.[...]

Posted 2015-01-05T07:27:09Z

Set back

Took John to ER because of fever.  (He has been pretty sick since he started chemo on Monday and in quite a bit of pain.) They admitted him because his white blood cell count was very low.  He's on several antibiotics, pain medication and medicine to boost his white blood cell count.  Those familiar with chemo know that this is not unusual.  He should be there for 2 days, hopefully less.  [...]

Posted 2015-01-01T18:56:46Z


So, they gave us a LONG list of possible side effects of chemo but nobody told us about (very painful) HICCUPS!  After trying all kinds of home remedies we finally called Dr. Seth's cell and got a prescription for an anti-spasmodic medication.  Relief.[...]

Posted 2014-12-24T19:16:14Z

Merry Christmas!

So, the past few days were tough stuff!  Went to hospital on Monday night because John's hemaglobin count was dropping.  They gave him blood transfusions and many, many tests to try to locate the loss of blood.  Short story: liver has a blood clot and the tumors in his liver and pancreas are causing the veins in the upper GI track to get squeezed.  He has prescription to ease the pressures and therefore be a little less painful.  Xarelto should take care of the clot and Chemo (starts Monday) will hopefully shrink the tumors.   MORE PRAYERS!!!!   
Thank you all so much for loving support and prayers.  Means so much to all of us.  [...]