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Posted 2014-12-24T19:16:14Z

Merry Christmas!

So, the past few days were tough stuff!  Went to hospital on Monday night because John's hemaglobin count was dropping.  They gave him blood transfusions and many, many tests to try to locate the loss of blood.  Short story: liver has a blood clot and the tumors in his liver and pancreas are causing the veins in the upper GI track to get squeezed.  He has prescription to ease the pressures and therefore be a little less painful.  Xarelto should take care of the clot and Chemo (starts Monday) will hopefully shrink the tumors.   MORE PRAYERS!!!!   
Thank you all so much for loving support and prayers.  Means so much to all of us.  [...]

Posted 2014-12-23T00:20:59Z

oncology consult

John's hemaglobin dropped again so we are going to the hospital tonight for blood.  Tomorrow they will put in a pic line for treatments and do an endoscopy to try to find the source of blood loss.  Dr. Seth wanted to have a port put in but he is so high risk for clots that they are going to just do the pic line for now.  Chemo starts Monday.  It was a disappointing visit, to say the least.  PRAY. HOPE. [...]

Posted 2014-12-22T04:01:14Z


It's been a rough week.  John is feeling pretty weak but somehow made it to church this morning:  A comfortable place to be!

He's fighting a lot of pain and discomfort from the DVTs in his legs and has seriously lost his appetite.  [...]