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Posted 2015-11-13T02:23:00Z


Happy to say that all went well today with Port a Cath insertion! Coming out of anesthesia he said, "I can't work right now"...  He was serious! One of the nurses who has been in the recovery room for most of his procedures/surgeries commented on how remarkable he is doing. We are blessed with fabulous, loving doctors and nurses who take such personal care of John.[...]

Posted 2015-11-08T03:53:07Z

Out of the Chemo fog!

It takes a while, but chemo effects do fade then we get some really good days. Drs. Jeff and Seth agree that John’s last CT Scan looked good; tumors still scared of the chemo poison! Since John is stable, with no bleeding and has a steady hemoglobin count, Dr. Seth is allowing him to have a port inserted this Thursday. This is great news because John’s Picc line is almost a year old and they really aren’t designed for more than that. We stopped the warfarin (blood thinner) and started Lovenox shots which John will get twice a day. 24 hours before the surgery we stop the shots. Blood thinning begins the night of surgery again to avoid harmful clots. Having a port means no more wrapping his arm before showers. (Thanks Vinny D for the excellent plastic wrap from the deli!) And it means no more itchy, irritating rashes under the Picc line dressing; also nurse visits will only be once every three weeks to remove his chemo pump.[...]