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Posted 2015-12-22T17:28:29Z

Message from John

I am humbled by the continued outpouring of prayer and love from so many people and so many  places.  I express my unbounded gratitude from myself and my family.  We are doing our best to return your love and prayers.  I am trending so incredibly Dr. Seth said yesterday, "Only by the graces of God!"  (tearing up here)  Please keep praying for me because it is absolutely guiding us to relief.[...]

Posted 2015-12-16T02:25:28Z

Merry Christmas

"Word of the Week"
PATIENCE is a fruit of the Holy Spirit that gives us the ability to wait with openness and acceptance for God's guidance...Patience is really tough these days!  Getting through the trying days of chemo requires all the patience one can possibly muster.  We did get good news: John's CA 19-9 is down to 358!  Considering it was 125,000 when he was first diagnosed, this is fantastic.  Chemo #20 was tough but he is carrying on through it and patiently waiting for the good days to come.[...]