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John D - Journal

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Posted 2015-02-24T03:13:21Z

Session 5

Dr. Cohen is very encouraged, enthusiastic even, about John's progress.  John had another palpitation episode at the very end of the session.  Nurses said this happens to some patients while enduring the Folfirinox regimen.  Happy to have session 5 behind us. What a relief it was to finally get home tonight!  [...]

Posted 2015-02-23T03:30:12Z

'Twas the Night Before Chemo

Johnny made a surprise appearance today so all six of us (plus the munchkin) were able to spend time together. It was even above 30 degrees today so we are grateful for the sunshine and the warmth on our faces which was a much needed break from the freezing cold. When I closed my eyes I almost convinced myself that it was Springtime.[...]

Posted 2015-02-10T04:06:06Z

Round 4, day 1

After a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend together we geared up for another round. The chemo days are LONG. First bloodwork, then a consult with Dr. Seth, and then the hours of chemo later... and he wasn't home till dinner time. The good news is that his numbers are looking "fantastic" as per Seth. This time he had a drug reaction which he hadn't experienced before which required some intervention - he had a shortness of breath and tightening of his tongue/ chest so they gave him some oxygen and atropine then restarted the chemo drip once everything was calmed down. He's home with the tingling of extremities and "normal" side effects. Ready for a sleepless night and a long week ahead. Wishing Tuesday away so that the pump can come off on Wednesday and he can look forward to another string of good days. "When peace like a river, attendeth my way, When sorrows like sea billows roll; Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to know, It is well, it is well, with my soul." -Spafford

Posted 2015-02-03T19:08:23Z

From the patient's perspective...

We are encouraged by the blood work results showing that the tumor markers are declineing but the fact is that our patient is still truly suffering.  Each day is a struggle, as any chemo survivor will confirm.  John is on one of THE most aggressive chemo protocols available causing pain, being so cold he can't even warm up under an electric blanket, weight lose, mouth sores, (we keep telling him to eat for the calories but how do you eat when your mouth hurts?) abdominal discomfort, muscle spasms...and that's just the physical side of things. [...]

Posted 2015-02-02T23:43:07Z

Prayers are being heard...

Good news: Blood work from today showed that the tumor markers have decreased by more than 50%!  This is THE news John needed to hear to continue the fight!  Regimen remains the same: Chemo every other Monday for another 3 rounds then a CT Scan.  Even though it takes 10 days to get 4 somewhat comfortable days it's obviously what is needed to get the job done.  [...]