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Posted 2015-04-28T01:41:29Z

Round 9

All the discomfort and inconvenience of chemo is still paying off.  Blood work is good and weight is stable.  Tumor Marker CA 19-9 is 12,800, down from last count of 16,000.  Dr. Cohen is very pleased with John's progress.  We discussed skipping chemo by a week after the next round because on May 22 we are all going to Disney to see/hear Tim sing again AND June 1st is Tim's graduation!  Unfortunately we had to miss Johnny's graduation from Chiropractic College because it was a chemo week.   As Dr. Seth said today,  "John will have a unique appreciation of these precious moments based on his current experience with cancer and chemo."   [...]

Posted 2015-04-13T18:08:58Z

Round 8 today!

Dr. Cohen wants John to keep up the chemo sessions every two weeks until the 12th session.  He will make an exception when  we go to Disney to watch Tim sing!  Blood work is good, weight is stable; because we make him eat, thank you very much, CA 19-9 numbers are down again!  Suffering through the chemo sessions is obviously affording good results.  Dr. Cohen will reassess how often chemo will be administered after the 12th round.  FYI: John will always be a chemo patient to keep the PC under control.[...]

Posted 2015-04-09T20:23:32Z

Recovering from round 7

Today is the first really good day since round 7. Even though the doctor lowered dosages it is still taking 10 days to feel "well" and more himself. We had a quiet Easter at home and enjoyed being outside for a few hours this week when the weather held up! It is good to have the sunshine on his face. GI appointment today without anything remarkable to report. Appointment again with Dr. Seth on Monday for round 8! We are hoping that he will stretch his sessions to 3 weeks but have no news of that yet. Keep on keeping on.