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Posted 2015-05-28T20:04:00Z

Homeward Bound

Mom and Dad are currently in the air on their way home....hoping for a safe flight.

Drs. Jeff and Seth were able to convince the doctors in FL to give dad a unit of blood for safe travel. His red blood cell count (hemoglobin) is not yet where it needs to be and not yet stable. The plan is for him to go to Monmouth Medical tomorrow for more blood and to recheck his levels.[...]

Posted 2015-05-27T22:14:27Z

Disney Diversion

I am writing on my mom's behalf as she doesn't have great access to the internet right now:

"We had a lovely few days with the family at Disney World watching Tim sing with the RBC Choir once again on the Disney stage and at Corpus Christi Church for Mass.[...]

Posted 2015-05-12T02:07:18Z


Good blood work,  one pound gained, and another decrease of the CA 19-9 marker.  Dr. Cohen is very encouraged by John's progress.  Seth said,  "No one knows the future but today is looking good:  ALWAYS ENJOY TODAY!" [...]