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Posted 2015-07-29T02:37:48Z

3 Week Cycle

Sorry for delay in posting. John had chemo on July 13 and started coming around and feeling human again this weekend. He did get to come with Lucia to visit Vacation Bible School last week! As usual the whole family was involved in some way with VBS and Dr. Johnny maintained the home front.[...]

Posted 2015-07-10T01:16:02Z

Happy Birthday Papa!

John turned 62 today.  Messages, texts, calls, friends, family, lunch, dinner, LOVE; nice day after a week of stress.

Last week John's hemoglobin dropped dramatically and caused him to feel like, "why go through all of this?"  After seeing Dr. Seth he was encouraged to get up and move on.  Seth ordered a unit of blood and that did the trick to make him feel stronger.  He was then well enough to keep an appointment with the gastrointestinal doctor, Dr. Terrany on Tuesday to do an outpatient procedure to hopefully insure against bleeding.  Back to Dr. Seth today with low hemoglobin.  Seth had John infused with iron and set up another transfusion for tomorrow at Monmouth Medical to build his system up for chemo on Monday. Sigh.[...]