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Posted 2015-08-19T17:16:20Z

Another Procedure

Monday's meeting with Dr. Seth brought out the fact that John is a walking miracle.  Seth said he is very pleased with his progress.  Yesterday John went to Monmouth Medical for an endoscopy.  Dr. Terrany did have to band 2 varices so John is pretty sore and on a soft diet for a while.  Chemo is Monday.  Prayers are accepted as usual!  XO[...]

Posted 2015-08-05T20:03:58Z

Chemo # 14!

We had good news at John's visit with Dr. Cohen on Monday; tumor markers are still trending downward and his hemoglobin is steady! Apparently Dr. Terrany did a good job stopping the internal bleeding.  John still has to go for one more endoscopy and possible banding (August 18) but Seth doesn't think there is anything left to fix since his hemoglobin has been stable for so long.  Let's hope he's correct.  [...]