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Posted 2015-09-17T03:03:01Z


We enjoyed a nice birthday weekend with Lucia!  She is the best medicine for sure!

John went in for treatment on Monday and finished chemo round #16 today.  All blood levels looked good except for the tumor marker test which went up about 200 points. John will have a CT Scan next month to see exactly what is going on.  [...]

Posted 2015-09-05T03:06:27Z

New Normal...

Well, John has finally gotten to the chemo every three weeks without a procedure in between stage!  That means chemo for 3 days, living though effects of said chemo for another 7 days and then 10 days of feeling somewhat normal.  It's our new normal and we will take it!  Each day is a gift!  They will check for tumor markers after the next round of chemo.  John has healed nicely from the last banding procedure and his hemoglobin is remaining steady which is a huge deal.[...]