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John D - Journal

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Posted 2017-02-25T17:54:52Z

Brain Surgery

Thank you all for the many prayers that continue to keep John uplifted!  The Gamma Knife surgery couldn't have gone better!  Tumor was 2cm, totally spherical and NO OTHER TUMORS were located!  We were at the hospital at 6:15 am and left at 11:30!! WOW! The team of doctors, physicists and nurses/staff were phenomenal!  Even Dr. Cohen stopped in to see John when it was over.  REST is on order now.  10 days of steroids and a repeat MRI in a month.  Chemo #41 this Wednesday.  He keeps up the fight.  When we asked for a little break after the Gamma Knife Dr. Cohen said, "sorry, you have to keep fighting, soldier!"[...]

Posted 2017-02-13T22:04:41Z

MRI results

Dr. Cohen read the MRI scans from Saturday night and called John into his office today.  The lesion has grown a little and Seth wants to address it pronto.  Apparently if you out-live your prognosis the cancer finds new places to inhabit!  His office set up appointments for CT Scan tomorrow, Neurologist tomorrow and Radiologist on Thursday to discuss Gamma Knife treatment.  Prayers accepted for the new hurdle!  Chemo schedule remains the same and his numbers are still looking good.[...]

Posted 2017-02-10T22:22:54Z

John and His GRAND-GIRLS!

Greetings!  Great news:  Gianna Kathleen was born on Feb. 5th! Gabriella and Tim are truly blessed, as are we all!

Well, John completed chemo #40 today; some kind of a record for sure!  Unfortunately John had another seizure last night.  He is scheduled for an MRI tomorrow so the doctors can try to get a handle on what is going on!  Continuous prayer suits us![...]