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This site is about Rob, and the way The Lord is working to heal him completely from his stroke.

Latest journal entry


Little by little is how Rob describes his progress and it is so apropos.  Since November 15th he has made a little progress in some area every day which has added up to some wonderful improvements. We are so thankful and hopeful that with his determination and all the prayers, love and support he will continue to improve every day.  

His doctor has worked to stabilize his blood pressure and it seems he has found the right combination of drugs.  Rob is working very hard in therapy.  He goes three times a week and does a combination of speech, occupational and physical therapy. I know he wishes he would wake up one morning and he would be the same as he was before his stroke and little by little he is getting there. We are celebrating all the ways he has improved, and rejoicing in each new accomplishment!

Sending our love and gratitude to all of you!


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