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Rob Sedlacek - Journal

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Posted 2018-01-16T03:48:59Z


Little by little is how Rob describes his progress and it is so apropos.  Since November 15th he has made a little progress in some area every day which has added up to some wonderful improvements. We are so thankful and hopeful that with his determination and all the prayers, love and support he will continue to improve every day.  [...]

Posted 2017-12-24T14:05:37Z


Christmas is about love.  A love that regardless of how we may try we can not fully grasp and understand how wide, how long, how high, and how deep this love is. Precious friends, whether you share our faith or not, you have helped Rob and I experience ours in a deeper and more meaningful way by the love and support you have shown us. This love has the power to heal, to strengthen, to comfort and to give hope and that is what we experienced through your outpouring of love.[...]

Posted 2017-12-03T03:41:11Z


Rob’s hard work in PT is really paying off. Today he walked 20 steps with his hemi-walker and it was down the center of the hallway, so he wasn’t relying on the railing. Mary the therapist had him by the transfer belt, but she said there were times that he actually had very little support. It is like watching someone learn a new dance step, right foot - hemi-walker - left foot. I think he is really getting the hang of it. [...]

Posted 2017-12-01T11:50:38Z


Rob is getting stronger every day and he is working hard to reclaim his life.  Somedays there is more progress than others, but something that has always been plentiful and that is hope. So many people have reached out and expressed their love and we are so thankful.  There has been food, encouraging texts, cards, phone calls and acts of kindness that are too numerous to count. Each one has infused us with hope and the realization that we are not alone.  [...]

Posted 2017-11-28T00:27:12Z


I am excited to report that Rob is making some wonderful progress.  Yesterday when I was sitting alongside the bed I noticed that his right leg was up and his knee was bent.  I took a double take because I thought I must have the sides confused, but sure enough, he engaged his knee and brought up his leg.  His arm is also making some new connections and is moving more and more each day.  His ability to communicate is also improving day by day.  He is sharper and more aware of his surroundings.  He seems more encouraged and I think is starting to  believe what we are telling him -  that with hard work and determination the medical staff is hopeful that he will make a full recovery.  [...]

Posted 2017-11-25T21:45:35Z


Rob was able to see Buddy today and it did them both a world of good.  Megan brought him by before she left for the airport to go home. I am so thankful the doctor understood how uplifting it would be to Rob to get to see his little four legged friend. It was a beautiful day today so it was nice to get him outside and out of his room for a little bit.  It was sweet to see Budddy react to Rob. I could definitely tell he sensed something was different and was so gentle with Rob. He didn’t even bark and for Buddy that is nothing short of a miracle. It also made saying goodbye to Megan a little easier because we were so happy to see Rob so happy.[...]