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 ColleenChartrand ColleenChartrand

Praying for you every day 💋

Brian Butcher Brian Butcher

A quick note with same sentiments as Boomer. Jeff Krein & I are both thinking of you while messaging right now. We are praying for continued progress, every step of the way !!

Bruce Baumhardt Bruce Baumhardt

Hey old sport, just sending a note that PJ and I were thinking about you and hoping that you felt grateful for your slow and steady progress. The ice is breaking up north and it won't be long before the drone of mowers. Recall your observation when you first moved south that, 'you were the only guy who cut his own lawn'!
Best of luck getting back behind the wheels again and enjoying some visits from all of your and Cynthia's far flung friends. All our love, Boomer and PJ

Tim Van Driessche Tim Van Driessche

Hope all is getting better and determination is in high gear as I know it is. Just thinking about you and remembering the games of aggy with you and Graybo against Lipper and I. the refrain from you and Gray still rings in my ears. Hello 6,Hello 5 good bye V. When you need a smile just think to all of the great times you have with your friends and family and that will keep the motivation engine stoked. Love you buddy.
Skol Vikings

Stephanie Green Stephanie Green

Thinking about you everyday and PRAYING !! So proud of your hard work and determination ! Also, inspired by your faith and witness ! God is with you, before you, behind you and is carrying you !!!! Praises !!!!

Ken Zirm Ken Zirm

I have been thinking of you a lot during the holidays and, unfortunately, my Christmas card came back as undeliverable so I must have an old address. I hope your progress has been continuing, and that 2018 brings you a return to good health.
You will remain in my thoughts and prayers.
Ken Z.

Stephanie Green Stephanie Green

Hoping your New Years Eve was as boring as possible !! Glad you are now home Rob. We love you. Miss you. And continue to pray for you. Hoping to see you soon. HAPPY UNEVENTFUL 2018 !!

Eileen Casciotta Eileen Casciotta

Happy New Year Rob And Cynthia!! This is the year where the road to recovery is paved with blessings and prayers. You have achieved so much in such a short period of time one can only imagine what you will be able to accomplish in 2018!! Prayers being sent your way each day! God Bless you both!!!💕

Nancy Varian Nancy Varian

Cynthia & Rob, the journey you are on is turning out to be quite a roller coaster ride... We can praise God that Rob's brain inflammation has diminished so much and that you experienced a Christmas miracle! (But I'm sure you would have preferred not to have this type of excitement over Christmas!) Once again, you have reminded us to take nothing for granted and to pray unceasingly, so that is what we will continue to do as you keep watch and witness God's incredible healing power. Praying for an uneventful New Year's Eve as you anticipate the New Year and all the hope it brings.
Pure Love,
Nancy & Vahan

Andrea Hutchinson Andrea Hutchinson

So glad to hear he's home! We continue to pray for Rob and you daily and will add to it an uneventful but full of healing 2018 for both of you. We love you and may God continue to hold you in His hands❤️

Phil Zielasko Phil Zielasko

Sed, you are such a fighter, I knew you wouldn't stay in the hospital long! Lisa and I are so happy you are back at home where you feel most comfortable and where you will progress the most. I truly believe 2018 will be the year of the "Sedlacek Comeback"! It will take a lot of effort but I know you can get back to where you want to be! You are always in our thoughts and prayers! Stay SEDLACEK STRONG!

Stephanie Green Stephanie Green

Thinking about you Rob !!!! We miss you !!! Hoping we can come visit when you're up for it. Love you both so much !!!!!

Suzie Wrenne Suzie Wrenne

Hi Rob and Cynthia,
As I sit thinking about Christmas and the season of hope and miracles it brings, I’m fully trusting and believing Rob’s complete healing will be one we soon reflect back on and marvel at just how good and faithful our God is! As you Rob are committed to working hard, we all remain committed to praying on your behalf! May God’s strength be your strength and may you find joy as you fight and win this battle!
Christmas blessings to you both!
Jesus loves you and so do we.
Suzie and Kevin

Linda Reyer Linda Reyer

Rob- After our visit today we truly appreciate your drive and determination to overcome the hurdles in front of you! Amazing progress! Heartwarming to see you and Cynthia smiling. You obviously make a great team!

Dave Hynes Dave Hynes

Good Morning Rob! "Sorry I am tardy" in checking in........Boomer and I were chatting this morning. I was telling him about a quote I read in the sports page this morning by Timberwolves player Carl Townsends. He had a big night last night and his after game comment was "I did not come to play tonight, I came to be an ASSASSIN". Boomer immediately said that sounds like Rob , and we both had a good laugh. Keep up the solid recovery effort......., Merry Christmas to you and the family