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Steve Rogers

On Dec. 14 a mass was found on the upper lobe of Steve's right lung. It has been confirmed that the tumor is malignant. Surgery took place on Dec. 19 to take out the lobe[...] read more

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Back to Normal.... well, almost!

Hello friends!  

I hope you each had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the new year.  This is a "past due" update and I'm sorry that it has taken so long to post.  The main reason it's late is because Lindsey is back in Gainesville for school and the volleyball team is deep into off season workouts and drills so she has very little time for outside efforts.   To continue w/ the excuses, Wendy and I  (yes.. Steve is writing this post, as if you couldn't already tell) have been at home recovering from surgery and trying to get ready for our son Preston's wedding that is this Saturday (Jan 28th).  Okay.. enough of the excuses! 

First of all let me tell you that I'm doing fine.  My recovery, although slower than I had anticipated, is going well.  I returned to Mayo for a check-up on Jan. 6th.  The Dr's were pleased with my progress and how the surgery and recovery are coming along.  The final pathology on the tumor was confirmed and when they removed the top 1/3 of my right lung they also removed a 2.3cm tumor that was determined to be a stage 1A adenocarcinoma.  The medical team felt that this was caught very early and since the cancer had not spread in the lung or in any lymph nodes I won't need to do any chemo or radiation.  They say that my prognosis for a complete recovery is excellent!  

When people hear about the past 6 weeks they tell me that I don't seem to be able to catch a break.  I quickly tell them that I feel like I just caught one of the biggest breaks of my life.   How great was it that the Dr's spotted this tumor in the simple x-ray of my shoulder.  It was the best Christmas present that I could have wished for.  Of course getting diagnosed w/ a second cancer was not something that I had on my Christmas list, but the fact that it was caught early enough to take the action that was taken and the fact that I am once again cancer free is the biggest Christmas present that I could have ever asked of dreamed for. 

My employer, Workday, was kind and allowed me to take a paid six week medical leave so I feel like my recovery is near complete.   I return to work on Monday (Jan 30) and I look forward to reengaging with my Workday team. 

I'll end this update by once again saying THANK YOU to each and every one of you and your wonderful families who have been checking up on me and my fantastic family.   I especially appreciate all of the well wishes that have been sent my way and the many, many prayers that have been sent to our wonderful God in heaven.   I really don't think that my family and I would have been able to overcome this challenge without all of your support and prayers.   From the bottom of our hearts,  Thank You! and may God bless each and every one of you! 


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