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Steve Rogers

In July 2017, Steve received news that he again would be battling cancer. Following a surgery in December 2016 to remove a tumor in his lung, the lung cancer returned and[...] read more

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One Week Down

Hi everyone.

I wanted to provide you all with an update. Dad is exactly one week into the clinical trial. As I mentioned earlier, we won't know if the drug is working until he goes back for scans in a few months but he says he seems to be doing okay. 

Unlike chemotherapy the clinical trial is not given through an IV. Instead, dad is required to take lots of pills twice a day. Personally, I think a pro to that is all the water he has to drink - hello hydration!!


He is still dealing with a lot of pain in his bones - so continued prayers targeted at that would be awesome! He is also very fatigued so he has been taking lots of naps and allowing his body to rest. But, we all know he hates to lie around and do nothing - so he was able to get in one round of 9 holes over the weekend. He and mom have started a few series on Netflix (let them know if you have any show suggestions!!) to avoid going stir crazy since they spend a majority of their time in the apartment when they aren't at the clinic. 

Mom and dad will drive back to Florida at the beginning of May for my college graduation on May 6. Although I tried to convince them it would be okay to miss, they were not convinced and I'm glad they weren't because I can't wait to see them. Following graduation, they plan to fly back out to Houston on May 9, and I am planning on taking a trip to go with them.

The GoFundMe site created by my dad's good friend, Eric Sutton, has blown my family away. We knew entering this battle that it would be hard financially but we kept the faith that God would provide. As just as He always does, He provided more than we could every wished for. He also provided an outpouring of encouragement and kind words from family, friends and complete strangers. I am brought to tears every time I visit the page and read the comments of hope, faith, prayers and people describing dad's character - positive, brave, determined, etc. Thank you for being a reflection of our Heavenly Father's love. 

"There is no way Wendy and I can put into words how much we appreciate the love and outpouring of support from our family, friends and many that we don't even know." - Steve Rogers 

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