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Michael Dixon Michael Dixon

Thinking of you, Sue, and hoping all went well and you're getting better every day.

Stephen Carter Stephen Carter

I hope things are going well Sue. You've been in my thoughts and prayers. Love you, Steve

Lisa Bottero Lisa Bottero

Sue, thank you for your post! This is a wonderful avenue to be able to keep updated and be able to send our notes to you. No worries on responding to each note, you have enough to handle..... We all need you to concentrate on YOU!
Oh, and of course antiques 😉. Xo. Lisa

Allen Keith Turner Allen Keith Turner

I have been reading all of your postings and feel close to you after having gone through many of the same events with Barb five years ago. Sounds like you have a great medical team helping you. I don't know what to say, but keep up the fight and we are thinking of you all along the way.
Love, Uncle Keith

Norma Kay Wendt Norma Kay Wendt

Glad you were able to get your treatment. We missed you lots at the card party Friday, but hope you got some good rest. Our love and thoughts are with you.

Brita Light Brita Light

Sue - I just heard your news from Chris LItz. Please let me know if there is any way I can be of help. I am sending healing thoughts and keeping you in my daily thoughts and prayers. Much Love, Brita

Sue White Sue White

Sue, we're back from MN and readily available to help. Want to catch up. Could you use a meal? Just made some great soup!

Martha Davis Martha Davis

Dear Sue, Becky told me of your unsettling news this morning, and gave me your site so I could keep in touch with your progress. It sounds like you are in good hands, and that much thought went into your plan of action. You will be in my prayers every day,and I am sure you will beat this thing and be good as new.

Becky said that as soon as your schedule allows, and her work schedule lets up a little, the two of you will come down for a day of antiquing and have a nice lunch. We will all look forward to that happening. Keep up your courage! It is so important! I have a card by my computer that says "Trust God and live one day at a time." I think that is the best encouragement I can give you, and I know that you know it anyway.

I love you, and I will follow your progress every day. Love, Martha Davis

Nathan Goldberg Nathan Goldberg

thinking and praying for you everyday.


Diane Perry Diane Perry

Sue you are I my prayers

Pat Wilson Pat Wilson

Dear Sue,

You are in my thoughts and prayers for strength, for healing, and no bad side effects from chemo. I am here to help in any way. Sending love.
Pat Wilson

Connie Beasley Connie Beasley

Sue, I send you love and good wishes. I know you are aware that chemo has been so improved from years past, and I have faith that you will do well. I will keep good thoughts for you and will watch for your posts. Connie

Patty Wharton Patty Wharton

U know nick and I love u and will be here for u. Please do not hesitate to just bend my ear or cry on my shoulder. Whatever it takes to help dear friend love u


Mary Mary

We are here for you Sue, whatever you need! Love you!!