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Summer's Journey

Summer Hope Belmonte was born 4 months early on May 29, 2018 at 2:16 am. Despite weighing just 1 lb. 4 oz. at birth, she has proven to be a real fighter. She may need to [...] read more

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NICU Week 10 (again!): More milestones!

Some more exciting news!

Summer is being trialed on a high flow nose cannula! This means no more face mask and head gear! After this would likely be low flow cannula and then no support! This is her first day on high flow so time will tell how she tolerates it and if she can stay on it without an issue. She's been doing ok so far! Mom was there to see the change from CPAP, and what a look of relief Summer had without the head gear on, it was the sweetest thing! She has been looking all over with it off and has been awake for longer periods of time. Pretty exciting!

Beth cradled her in her arms for the first time today as well (as opposed to kangarooing with her on her chest) and loved being able to see her face and eyes better. It was mesmerizing! ❤️

In other news, Summer hit the 4 lb mark on Monday! She's been gaining ever since and is now actually now 4 lb, 6 oz! (3 oz of which were put on last night!) 

Other than that, she is being fed quicker now (75 mins as opposed to 90 min) to get her closer to a "real world" bottle feeding rate and her nurse Donna hopes to get her into a crib this weekend or sometime next week if she is able to maintain a good body temperature on her own!

Lots of big, positive changes ❤️

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