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Support for Jerry's Journey

After being diagnosed with liver cancer in 2015 then receiving a liver transplant in 2017, Jerry has now been diagnosed with tonsil cancer. The journey in between and thr[...] read more

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My dad, Jerry Craft, has been back to work for 5 weeks now and is feeling better and better! He was welcomed with love and support by his co-workers, and his drivers at work all pitched in and bought him a really nice stool which makes work a luxury. Just this past week, he has gotten off all painkillers (wooo!) and has started trying to eat a little bit every day. He's still mostly being sustained by meal replacement drinks, but it's encouraging for everyone that he feels good enough to begin working on chewing!

Thank y'all endlessly for your love and support. It means so much to us!

Virginia and Denita

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