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Posted 2018-11-14T16:50:03Z



I thought y'all might like an update on how my dad, Jerry, is doing. To assist with the update, I asked Denita for more details, and here's what she said:

"Jerry has been able to consistently work a full-time schedule, except when out out-of-town medical check-ups are needed. At work, they are beating last year's sales records! He did spend October 27th weekend in the hospital with internal bleeding, which they believe came from diverticulosis. He was also unable to get an ordered MRI of the brain with contrast because his kidney function was surprisingly not up to par. More testing is being done. His next scheduled transplant and MD Anderson checkups will be in December."

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. We love y'all very much! :)[...]

Posted 2018-08-05T01:49:27Z


My dad, Jerry Craft, has been back to work for 5 weeks now and is feeling better and better! He was welcomed with love and support by his co-workers, and his drivers at work all pitched in and bought him a really nice stool which makes work a luxury. Just this past week, he has gotten off all painkillers (wooo!) and has started trying to eat a little bit every day. He's still mostly being sustained by meal replacement drinks, but it's encouraging for everyone that he feels good enough to begin working on chewing!

Thank y'all endlessly for your love and support. It means so much to us!

Virginia and Denita[...]

Posted 2018-06-18T02:27:00Z

Healing and Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of you fathers out there!

I feel so fortunate to have such a sweet, caring, silly, wonderful father, and even more grateful that he's still with us today (and I'm confident that he will continue to be with us for many more years!).
He's been through so much the past several years, and I've seen just how strong a person can be (Denita included!).

So on this Father's Day, I have an exciting post to share, and that is the healing process of my dad's (Jerry's) neck, post-radiation treatment!
He says that he still has sores in his mouth and throat that don't allow him to eat solid foods (even after a failed attempt at eating kid-friendly Jell-O), so he's sticking to meal replacement drinks until the sores heal.
Regardless, he's in high spirits at seeing a sign of healing and productive change with the current state of his neck :)

Thank you for everyone's continued support!

So much love,

Posted 2018-06-15T16:30:01Z

Radiation Complete! The road to recovery lies ahead.

First, wow! We are in disbelief at the kindness and generosity of family and friends who have donated. The support means so much and is immensely helpful amidst everything going on with my dad, Jerry, for his treatment.

As of Friday, June 8th, Jerry finished his radiation treatment! It has been a week since he's completed it, though the skin on his neck, tongue, and throat seem to still be getting worse. We are hopeful that things will turn around soon though.
He is scheduled to go back to work on July 2nd if things go as planned. Jerry and Denita are back home, and Denita's mom has returned to her home after caring for Cameron while they were in Houston for treatment. Denita is working hard to try to fill her massage schedule again.

I will post again when there's more to update, but the main points to cover are a BIG 'Thank You' to all of the donors, as well as the excitement at completing radiation treatment. However, even though radiation is complete, the road to recovery is still long so everyone's support is much-appreciated.

I am sending y'all so much love!
- Virginia

Denita has posted a bunch of photos that you can find by scrolling down on this page.[...]

Posted 2018-05-18T15:07:00Z

The Journey Thus Far

MD Anderson Cancer Center, Holcombe Boulevard, Houston, TX, USA

Click here for driving directions.


Hello everyone!
I have created this support page because my dad, Jerry Craft, has been through so much for the past 3 years; and not only him, but Denita and Cameron. It is my hope that we can join together to give what ever we can to help them out on this journey.

I asked Denita for the full history of everything that's happened these past 3 years, and here is what she said:
Jerry was diagnosed with liver cancer in April 2015, which changed our lives forever.
He was referred to University Hospital in San Antonio as a transplant candidate.
We spent 8 months traveling back and forth from Corpus Christi to San Antonio for all the testing required for transplant eligibility.
In the meantime, the tumor was treated with chemo embolization in Corpus.
There was a 50% chance the cancer could come back within 5 years, though he had 2 more tumors develop within 2 years.
Each time, more treatment was done with chemo embolization and ablation in San Antonio.
He was finally placed on the transplant list in February of 2016.[...]