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Posted 2018-06-15T16:30:01Z

Radiation Complete! The road to recovery lies ahead.

First, wow! We are in disbelief at the kindness and generosity of family and friends who have donated. The support means so much and is immensely helpful amidst everything going on with my dad, Jerry, for his treatment.

As of Friday, June 8th, Jerry finished his radiation treatment! It has been a week since he's completed it, though the skin on his neck, tongue, and throat seem to still be getting worse. We are hopeful that things will turn around soon though.
He is scheduled to go back to work on July 2nd if things go as planned. Jerry and Denita are back home, and Denita's mom has returned to her home after caring for Cameron while they were in Houston for treatment. Denita is working hard to try to fill her massage schedule again.

I will post again when there's more to update, but the main points to cover are a BIG 'Thank You' to all of the donors, as well as the excitement at completing radiation treatment. However, even though radiation is complete, the road to recovery is still long so everyone's support is much-appreciated.

I am sending y'all so much love!
- Virginia

Denita has posted a bunch of photos that you can find by scrolling down on this page.

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Comments (2)

  • Eulaine Hall
    Eulaine Hall

    Loved receiving a note from Jerry. Attitude is everything, and his is great. Wish I weren't so poor. How I would love to contribute to this project. Both Denita and Jerry deserve better good fortune than this. Keep up the good posts, Virginia. I know Jerry is so proud of you. Eulaine

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Sarah R. Faith
    Sarah R. Faith

    For Denita, Jerry & Cameron: "If you feel as if you're bearing the weight of the World, Remember a time when God carried you through hard circumstances. He didn't fail you then and He will not fail you now." -Charles Stanley

    2 years ago · Reply