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Wayne Morton Wayne Morton

Hey, does this still work? You need to be making travel plans

Wayne Morton Wayne Morton

Hey bud. Keep hanging in there. Things are going to get better

Sarah R. Faith Sarah R. Faith

Hey Jerry. Thinking a lot about you today. I'm hoping it has been a good day for you Stay Strong. Have a great weekend.

Brenda Craft Brenda Craft

Still with you buddy, hope you have a great Fourth. Prayers coming your way

Eulaine Hall Eulaine Hall

Thinking about you, Jerry and DEnita. Summer doldrums have hit me early with 100 degree temp due today in Dallas. Surely you are cooler in Corpus area. Keep smiling. Cheers!

Brenda Craft Brenda Craft

Love you guys keeping you in our prayers for a speedy recovery. Your looking good. Hope you can eat something solid soon I know that those shakes get boring and tasteless.

Kathy Miller Kathy Miller

Lord I Lift up Jerry and family to you. I pray for continued healing and feeling of comfort and peace that can only come from you. In the name of your most precious son Jesus Christ.


Sarah R. Faith Sarah R. Faith

Praise God. So glad the radiation is over. Hang in there. Love you, Denita & Cameron.

Brenda Craft Brenda Craft

Glad you treatments are done, wishing you a speedy recovery.Continued prayers for you and your family.

Kevin Craft Kevin Craft

Hang in there, Jerry.

Brenda Craft Brenda Craft

Were still with you, every day,all our hope and prayers. I know god works wonders.

Virginia Craft Virginia Craft

I love you so much, daddy :)
Stay strong and stay positive!

Gary Craft Gary Craft

Linda and I have read about your journey thus far. We are so sorry to see you going thru this ordeal. We have no doubt that in a few years this will be just a memory for you. You are in our thoughts and prayers, we love you Jerry.

Virginia Dickerson Virginia Dickerson

Jerry & Denita, thanks for bringing me into the loop about Jerry's continued journey. I've added you and your family to a prayer list here in the DFW area. There are some mighty prayer warriors lifting your name to the Lord right now. Remember always that He loves you and knows the plans He has for you. Philippians 4:19 Says that God will take care of everything you need. Take care and believe He is with you. Love you all so much, Ginger Dickerson.

Brenda Craft Brenda Craft

Hoping and praying for you. Hang in there buddy.Keep the faith.