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Posted 2018-12-04T18:56:33Z

December 4, 2018

I'm in the process of planning my transition. This includes holding space for me through the transition phase when I'm no longer available for communication. I plan on having my body rest in state for 3 or 4 days. There will be washing of  the body which people are invited to partipate in. There were also be a vigil for those 3 or 4 days while I am in on ice. If you think you might be interested in participating let me know by texting me at 530 265 4474. I will put you on a list to be textef as conditons change.[...]

Posted 2018-11-28T22:59:04Z


I'm getting weaker and still mostly pain free with excellent care. I'm having less energy for social interaction but I still want to meet with people. If you're feeling moved to come visit me or talk by phone please text me and I will welcome contact.[...]

Posted 2018-11-28T22:56:02Z

November 28

Today I talked with a good friend and client. She shared with me but she's writing a book and I'm a main character. It is a book about the therapeutic work with we did together and how transformational it has been for her. Her editor is a rabbi and it's also moved. And I am very moved. I'm feeling mission accomplished[...]

Posted 2018-11-20T02:44:41Z

Robert Garbellano Update November 18th

Today has been a challenge and significant shift. My legs have become more paralyzed and I am now incontinent. I am grateful to now be catherized and not tormented by my reactive bladder. I get along with my walker barely but my legs give out in about 10 minutes are most. The good news is that I now have a beautiful and competent live-in 24/7 care giver from Fiji who will be available for me. My friends have stocked me up with food with more available as needed and there will be a Thanksgiving meal here. Surprisingly along with paralysis showing up the pain in the back has receded. I am wondering of something broke loose.[...]

Posted 2018-11-19T00:38:31Z

Update November 18, 2018 from Robert

As I  am able to sit at my computer for a bit I want to offer an update. The cancer is progressing in a way that I am becoming weaker and weaker and less able to care for myself. My pain is being managed well enough as long as I stay in bed and limit my activities. Thankfully I am able to do minimum food preparation for myself and take care of my personal needs. In the last few days my legs are becoming weak and I am only able to hold myself up  at the most for 15 or 20 minutes with the aid a walker. I see a wheel chair in my future soon. My spirits continue to be very good and I am still quite happy, my mind is sharp, even on the drugs, and I am enjoying engaging with people.[...]