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jimb laasch jimb laasch

Dear friends of Robert. Eleven years ago I had the great privilege of meeting Robert when I moved to GV from So Cal.
He answered an ad I was circulating in search of a house to share.
We shared space for 13 months on Red Dog Road before I moved across the mountain. We have kept in touch during the intervening years.
My gift was in coming to know such a kind, gentle, compassionate being. He was willing to share my frailties with me without ever being loud or being 'judgemental'. I came to understand that non-violent communication reaches us at levels far deeper than the words we choose.
Robert touched my life with his precious wisdom, his grace, and his patience.
I live in blessed gratitude for having shared a part of my journey with a part of his.

Maureen Manley Maureen Manley

Blessings on your way, Robert! You lived so well and helped so many. It is so sad to lose you-- way too soon. But I feel such admiration and gratitude for you powerful example that death need not be feared. You have met this transition with so much grace -- a great inspiration! I am privileged to have known you.

Catheryn Vatuone Catheryn Vatuone

FOR ALL OF ROBERT'S FRIENDS & FAMILY, with whom he has shared the process of facing his illness & his dying, he sends love and deep gratitude for their loving support.

He took his last breath yesterday afternoon around 4:29 pm, December 11th, from Lymphoma. Please know that he has lived his life with Kindness and Clarity, to the best of his ability. As well, he has done the best he can to live the Mystery.

Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā

There will be a silent vigil to honor our beloved brother, over the next three days. All are invited to sit with him in meditative silence @ his home at 15888 Thiel Way, Grass Valley. Visiting hours Wednesday and Thursday are from 3 to 8 pm, and Friday from noon to 2 pm. There will be a send off on Friday @ 3 pm as well.

Sending Metta to our brother Robert on his journey homeward.

Shoshana Leah Shoshana Leah

I am sorry to hear about the progression of your health but happy to hear you are getting the help you need. Are you up for visitors? I would like to come by but I don’t have a phone number to call and see when would work for you and I don’t have you address.
Prayers flowing your way.
530 &92-3803

Robert Garbellano Robert Garbellano

As I am able to sit at my computer for a bit I want to offer an update. The cancer is progressing in a way that I am becoming weaker and weaker and less able to care for myself. My pain is being managed well enough as long as I stay in bed and limit my activities. Thankfully I am able to do minimum food preparation for myself and take care of my personal needs. In the last few days my legs are becoming weak and I am only able to hold myself up at the most for 15 or 20 minutes with the aid a walker. I see a wheel chair in my future soon. My spirits continue to be very good and I am still quite happy, my mind is sharp, even on the drugs, and I am enjoying engaging with people.

As I lose my independence I am now wanting to organize my friends who have made offers of help for simple things like bringing prepared food, help with shopping showering, and light house work. I think posting on this site it will link to the FB friends who have offered to help. They can the check the calendar page to see what I need and make an offer. They can also call, text, or message me. I will then select someone and take the request down. Any suggestions are welcome as I am trying to work this out. I am also thinking that maybe an alternative approach would be to send a group email out as a need arises and await responses. I see some test runs to see if this works.

Also down the road, maybe soon, I will need more involved in-home personal care with a trained care giver. I would like to consider independent care givers who are well qualified and emotionally and spiritually attuned. If you are able to pass on a personal recommendation I would much appreciate it.

I think the way this can work is that when I post a need on Face Book and you click on the link to my Post Hope site it will take you to my page. On that page you can go to the calendar and see where I have posted a need for a date. If you are able to offer me something text me, email, or call me and I will let you know if it works. Any suggestions are welcome as I am trying to work this out. I am also thinking that maybe an alternative approach would be to send a group email out as a need arises and await responses.