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Posted 2017-05-05T20:57:00Z

Minor Setbacks

Every once in a while we all have minor setbacks in life. Depending on the situation you are in and how you chose to handle that setback says a lot about who you trust in and who you are. During dad's battle with cancer he has overcome many setbacks. He overcame the effects of chemotherapy, of infections and fevers, nausea, weakness, etc. In fact he was in remission and then had the biggest setback of all when the cancer returned to his body.

I've never once heard dad complain or throw a pity party for himself. I've never seen him give up, I've only seen him fight. Many days he spends his time in prayer and reading God's Word. His faith has carried him through this battle and has shown his family what the character of a God fearing man looks like. 

Last week dad faced another minor setback. He developed fluid in his lungs. He was weak and couldn't walk far without getting short of breath. He has been put on a couple inhalers and antibiotics to fight off any type of infection that is brewing. When he called to tell me how he was doing, his voice sounded stronger then it has in awhile. Although every other word was interrupted with a nasty cough. Again, he didn't feel sorry for himself and he didn't let that cough stop him from talking to his grandson. 

Dad is facing another setback. Come mid-May insurance will no longer cover his stay at the rehab facility he is in. Last week the doctor told him he is still to weak to head home, he needs to build up strength in his hips and legs. He needs to be able to stand and walk without assistance from a nurse. He does physical therapy daily to help rebuild his strength, but had to put a stop to that once he developed fluid in his lungs. 

Hopefully we can work out a plan to either keep dad at the rehab facility or readmit him back to the hospital as he continues to get stronger. 

Please pray for these setbacks and that they do not cause any major delays in dad's recovery. Pray that they insurance issues can be resolved and a new plan can be made. Most importantly please pray that dad (and the family) continue to find strength in God's love and promises. Pray that dad continues to gain strength and he is able to be back home soon!!! 

Thank you all for your prayers and support for dad. He continues to have a long road ahead, but it is made easier with the support of the people who love and care for him. Many have asked where to send cards/mail to dad. Feel free to send them to his home and mom will make sure he receives them when she visits. 
1641 North 76th Street
Lincoln, NE 68505


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