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Latest journal entry

Day 16

Here we are Day 16 post transplant!  It’s been quite the rollercoaster, but we are on the upward trend at this point and I couldn’t be happier.  

We had several meetings with the transplant Dr prior to all this happening and we tried our best to anticipate what was going to happen. 

I’ll save you from the details, but it wasn’t pretty.  Luckily, nothing has been out of the ordinary and that was what I was praying for.  

Day 14 is when we got the incredible news!! 3 days of continuous counts going up.....Frankie is officially Frally!!  Ally’s marrow was doing its job and Frankie was accepting it.  The engraftment has begun. Thank goodness!! 

The ironic part is 10 years ago almost to the day is when frallychic(my email ) was created. I was driving home from my last day of working in NY at my job that I loved, but decided with 2 small kids at home, I was done with commuting into NY and spending 20 hours a week in my car( never cared for public transportation) I called one of my co workers Dina on my ride home and said shoot I only have a business email, I need a personal email so after we tried every variation of karenchic or karenc or what have you, we came up with Frallychic@yahoo.

Dina set me up so when I got home to my 2 small children (before Matt’s time) I had my new email that would mean so much to us all these years later. Funny thing is I happened to have dinner plans with Dina that very night after not seeing her for 5 years!

The first 100 days post transplant are the most critical and we are at day 16......84 more to go!!  The nurses and Dr are all very impressed with how well he is doing.  He hasn’t had anything to eat or drink in over 3 weeks so that is what we need to work on over the next couple weeks to be able to send us home.  He has not complained once about how he feels or what he is going through.....don’t get me wrong, he’s not easy to be around by any means, but if we follow his rules then we are all good😊   He’s one strong young man!!! So proud of his positive attitude!!  25 days of isolation and counting!! 

Some other awesome stuff- thanks to everyone in and out of town- we have raised over $7000 for Pediatric Cancer Research!!! Amazing!! 

Thank you to everyone who has been dropping off meals. Frank and the kids have had enough food to a small nation -you guys are the best!

Also thank you to many of the the 9th graders who pitched in and got Frankie some crazy overpriced sneakers that he’s going to be frightened to wear as he thinks he could get mugged....😊.   What an amazing group of boys and girls we all have .  The kids were the ones to decide to do this and this is what they really wanted to do to help put a smile on his worked!  

Can’t forget Rich Fardo who installed new flooring in Allys room(all old carpet needs to come up or seriously cleaned prior to Frankie coming home) and thank you to all the boys who were the muscle in moving Allys furniture in and out of her room.  THANK YOU!! Also, THANK YOU TO MICHELE FARDO who volunteered Rich’s services. 😜

Lastly, Ally is doing fantastic and is back to life as normal.  With the snowstorm, she ended up missing a month of school.  Somehow I think she was ok with that. 

I’ll continue to update everyone as we continue and hopefully our next entry will be that we are headed home just in time for the nice weather!

Love to all!




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