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Posted 2018-06-08T22:32:28Z

Day 100

Wow!  I can’t believe we are at 100 days.  Time sure does fly when you are having fun ☺️  

The last 37 days have been such a mix of emotions- happy, sad, scared, frustrated and grateful all rolled into one.   Everyday presents a new challenge.   There are so many things that we’ve never even heard of that you could get after having a bone marrow transplant. Luckily, we have only encountered some mild Graft vs Host disease and the BK virus since we are home.   We are just so grateful that we have not landed back in the hospital which is very common after transplant.[...]

Posted 2018-05-02T14:45:09Z

Day 63

Day 63

We have been home for just over two weeks!   Leaving the hospital was surprisingly emotional. I got in the elevator and just started crying uncontrollably.   I was hoping to get pictures of the big day but as my kids say, I’m a very ugly crier. πŸ˜‰. It’s so nice to be together as a family and sleep in our own beds and not have to spend all day and night wearing a mask and gloves. Matt our 9 year old is especially happy to have all 5 of us together.    Ever since we purchased the orange bracelets to sell to raise money for pediatric cancer research, Matt has worn orange almost every single day and still continues to. Thank goodness he has at least seven different orange shirts and sweatshirts or people would really think the poor kid is wearing the same thing every day.  [...]

Posted 2018-04-16T14:24:25Z

Day 47 Homebound

Day 47 - WE ARE GOING HOME!!! We are beyond thrilled to let everyone know that after 8 weeks in isolation, we are headed home today!! Thank you everyone for all your love and support - it means the world to us. We still have a long road ahead, but Frankie is getting better everyday!! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜˜β€οΈ[...]

Posted 2018-04-06T17:37:59Z

Day 37

Hello,  I know it’s been a while since my last post.  Day 37 post bone marrow transplant and it’s felt like a roller coaster -there’s highs and there are lows and as my husband told me (his father battled  cancer for 12 years when he  was a child) in the very beginning -don’t get too high on the highs and don’t get too low on the lows.   He is really great at staying even keeled -perhaps that is why we are a good balance. I am the neurotic mother who tries not to freak and he’s the calm one who knows it’s a roller coaster....that’s the funny part because if you have ever seen my husband coaching the kids soccer games,  you would think it’s the other way around.   πŸ˜‰[...]

Posted 2018-03-01T02:56:57Z

Transplant day!!

 The day has come February 28, 2018. For now on this day will be known as transplant day a.k.a. Frankie’s new birthday.   We were scheduled for a 130pm transplant, but because Ally did such a good job producing bone marrow they had more than they needed so at the last minute they decided to separate it and save the extra which pushed us off till 4pm.  [...]

Posted 2018-02-28T03:32:01Z

Our Rockstar!

An update from Karen...

What a day........Ally is on her way home after a very long day. Procedure went well and she spent several hours in recovery as she was very sleepy and in a lot of pain.   Hopefully she will sleep through the night and wake up feeling much better. Step one completed.[...]

Posted 2018-02-27T17:45:00Z

Amazing Ally!

Karen just sent a picture of her and Ally making their way to Sloan this morning.  Ally is in great spirits! Please see Karen's update below.

I wanted to thank everyone for wearing blue for her today!  I knew I could not get the word out last minute but you hand a job over to kids and it gets done!  The kids posted on every social media outlet (I am on none), the schools sent out emails and the community embraced the Chioccariello family.  Thank you again for all your support and prayers! [...]