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Surgery Updates for Christy

grateful, blessed and home!

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Posted 2017-07-20T23:31:17Z

There is no place like home

Beloved I wanted to take a couple of moments to bask in the goodness of our Abba Father and all the wonderful family and friends he has given me. I will post more later as I don't want to let this miracle go by without celebrating, praising, singing and dancing which I am all doing on the inside just need to give my body time to catch up. 🙃I'm bruised not broken so look forward to time I will use to heal and reflect on this gift. I was able to come home less than 24 hours after being in recovery which again I believe was extra grace and favor from God. I want to share all the God moments so I don't neglect my chance to show you how wonderful she is. He gave me a lilting song by the radiologist who sang worship and quoted the Bible for 5 minutes during the tricky part of needle dye injection which could only be from God. I am in awe, humbled and on my knees that I was given this gift of no cancer when many didn't think it was possible. But I did! I am home no driving for a week or two and go back to surgeon on august 7 to let me know when I can go bdvk to zumba, etc. happy to take phone calls and visits just might be a little sleepy next couple of days. 😴❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏😍

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