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Posted 2020-02-29T16:19:56Z

One year ago...

Yesterday was one year that my doc called with this: "well it seems like there are a few cancer cells in that biopsy. I've scheduled you an appointment with a surgeon for tomorrow ". And so my journey began. 

Now I have completed most of my treatments,  had my surgery and radiation. I continue with one infusion every 3 weeks for another 6-7 sessions and have started on the 5 year hormone management pill.  April will bring my 1st mammogram post treatment.  At this point I am still considered cancer free with good prognosis for remaining so. 

My focus over the past few months has been to improve my strength, endurance and activity tolerance. Slowly it comes along , but the virus that has had so many of us coughing and feeling lousy kicked my butt and seems to have set me back. The short walk up the hill with the dog has me short of breath and heart rate racing again.  Oncologist ordered an echocardiogram to be sure the infusions have not caused any cardiac issues (as opposed to just the virus setting me back)....gotta love side effects. 

All things considered, I am continuing to push as much as I can tolerate and stopping when I need to. The docs say I should expect some push back as I try to do more. I will likely be slowly recovering for 9 months or so after end of treatment...seems like forever. 

Anyway, it had been a while since I sent out an update. Just wanted to let you know overall things are good. Thanks for your continued prayers and love...💓

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