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Fight like Susan

This is to inform all our loved ones, friends and family of Susans journey as she battles breast cancer.

Latest journal entry

How’s the weather

    Tuesday mom had round two of Chemo. The day started out with a prediction of snowpocalypse. Over a foot they said.... I began to wonder after a whooping 3 inches,  if the over zealous prediction of snow was a sign. Perhaps round two for mom will be highly over anticipated and way over predicted. I am happy to announce that moms round two of chemo was in fact overly forecasted. She is feeling great! 

    Tuesday came off without a hitch, well easy for me to say, but round two has left her with minimal side effects.  Her appitite is strong, she is positive, and smiling. The universe works in strange ways. Sometimes in life we prepare for the worst. Sometimes the forecast is just crap. But we all know weatherman can be wrong.  

   I truly believe, it is all the love and support from friends, family, and even strangers that keeps the smiles going. It was amazing tonight, to be able to see my mother laugh and enjoy the moment. Thank you all. Please know that not a comment goes unread, a meal uneaten, or a story untold. Please know that each and every one of you contributes to her unpredictable fight. 

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