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Posted 2020-01-27T22:41:00Z

Beauty and the Beast

         It has taken me a bit to find my words and gather my thoughts. That’s the funny thing about cancer, it forever brings you on a rollercoaster ride. It brings you up and down, sometimes leaving you speechless, other times just numb. It makes you appreciate so much more and yet other times it crushes you.

        Mom continues to amaze me with her fight. It was two weeks ago that we got called in to the oncologist. The tumors in her body have shrunk significantly, but the cancer is spreading in her brain. Thursday she began yet another chemo treatment in hopes that she can knock them down. Only time will tell. There are days that she feels quite dizzy and tired. Cancer is exhausting. It would be so easy to fixate on the negative.

      Perhaps the best words and thoughts for this battle, would be the words mom said to the doctor as we were leaving. “You know,” she said, “ This year has really sucked. There has been a lot of crap going on, but there has also been a lot of beauty.” I think we all should focus on each days beauty. Maybe we are missing out.

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Comments (9)

  • Camille Canova
    Camille Canova

    Our thoughts and prayers are with her. So much of her treatment is attitude and she is so right to say that cancer sucks. Keep hitting it straight on and don’t give up.

    6 months ago · Reply
  • Petrea Allen
    Petrea Allen

    Your mother is amazing! I saw Sandy last week and she told me about the cancer spreading. I continue to send good wishes and healing thought to your Mom and supportive thoughts to you. I'm happy to help in any way I can. Just let me know and I'll be happy to come visit, sit with your Mom to give you a break or run to the store. Anything! Hugs to you and your family!

    6 months ago · Reply
  • Andrea Frank-Genduso
    Andrea Frank-Genduso

    Dear Sue and Emily, Beautiful post about you both and how you are dealing with the beast. Our family is thinking of you all everyday and send positive energy to you as stay healthy. I need another sunny morning breakfast in Camden ME with you guys 😊❤️🌅👍🌼. Love, strength, Andrea,Jimbo, and kiddos

    6 months ago · Reply
  • Deborah Fink
    Deborah Fink

    Thank you for the update and for sharing your mom’s words. You are both in our prayers.

    6 months ago · Reply
  • Sylvia J Most
    Sylvia J Most

    You and your mom are in my prayers. Sending warmth, strength and wishes for easy days.

    6 months ago · Reply
  • Mary E. Harbison
    Mary E. Harbison

    Hello Susan and Em! Thank you for all of the care and communications regarding your journey. It is humbling to watch and hear yet somehow always hopeful and present, understanding and seeing some beauty in the midst of it all. Thank you for your resilience and for openly sharing it. I am watching with open eyes, an open heart, lots of love and a great appreciation for knowing you. Now, dammit, we are going to get a date on the books for a look see and a catchup. Promise. Xoxo

    6 months ago · Reply
  • Margaret Rigg Atwood
    Margaret Rigg Atwood

    Dearest Emily, Having done the cancer route myself I can so relate to your post. But my journey was very much easier than your Mom's. She continues to be an inspiration for so many people. Her physical and spiritual strength are amazing. She is living every day to the fullest. All blessings on her... and her so wonderful daughter. Love you both.

    6 months ago · Reply
  • Heather Redfield
    Heather Redfield

    Sending love..💕💕

    6 months ago · Reply
  • Joan Talbot
    Joan Talbot

    Dearest Sue & Em, I struggle with choosing words.... you both are awesome, strong women warriors. You are a such a loving, supportive, caring daughter, Em..... patient, calm, accepting.... emotionally open & generously sharing your truth. You, my dear sister-in-law, are a formidable force! You’ve always been a rock..... intelligent, seriously talented, strong of character.... you are secure in who you are and how you want things. Like your daughter, you are empathetic & caring..... a genuinely kind & good human being..... & I feel blessed to have you as my “sister”. You are titanium tough!!! You are a classy pair... carrying yourselves with dignity in the face of this illness. I have seen my share of people dealing with similar health issues & can’t remember anyone who has done it better.. You make me proud....& you make me want to be better at challenges myself. Know that you are in my mind & heart daily. Hope to be down soon to see you. Until then, sending love....

    6 months ago · Reply