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Lynn O’Hara Lynn O’Hara

Will always believe you will beat this, too!
I’ll be walking another camino in Spain in April, and will walk it for you! I’ll be lighting candles in every ancient church in your name!

Sharon Flanagan Sharon Flanagan

Sue carry on this battle we need you to win the war. Even though today the ground was once again covered with snow a new canvas awaits for you to plant in the spring. Prayers!

Jean McLean Jean McLean

Susan....Always smile when you give me a 👍 on my posts and I’m reminded how happy I got to know you better, other than “just Sandy’s sister”. You keep fighting and I’ll keep praying for another day...another week...another month etc. I know you are keeping that old C in line. Stay strong❤️

Sandy Bowley Sandy Bowley

I think of you often, Sue! Can’t even imagine what you are having to endure, but keep on fighting it! You’ll get there! Sending only good and healing thoughts your way!

Patricia LeBlanc Patricia LeBlanc

Sue, take one day at a time and never give up. We are Mountain Princesses...we are fighters. You are such an inspiration to so many! I am honored to have met you and there are others waiting for their chance to meet you too! We love you and are right here with you. Hugs! 💕❤️

Gail Young Gail Young

In my thoughts and in my heart....don’t forget we have a spring date....stay strong and keep fighting 💖

Jamie lucas Jamie lucas

Oh Sue, what a lovely post. I want to shower you with words of encouragement but find that YOUR words are the encouragement to me. A reminder to find beauty in each day. Thank you. I’ve never met anyone more determined than you. You’ve got this Sue!

Brenda Sears Brenda Sears

Keep kicking arse, Sue... this world needs more of your strength and loving spirit. Healing vibes sent 💕

Donni Witham Donni Witham

Such a little person and so much fight. Keep up the good work. You are amazing

judith c hazen judith c hazen

Susie, you are by far everyone's hero!!!love Judie

Bonnie Hilding Bonnie Hilding

Really...Seriously....of course she is a fighter!!! Would expect nothing less from Sue!

Gail Young Gail Young

Dear Susan,
It made me so happy to see you doing what you love to do working on a carving!
Stay strong and always hopeful..there are better days ahead! Love you! Gail

Patricia LeBlanc Patricia LeBlanc

Oh, Sue, you don’t know how happy reading this has made me! The power of prayer works every time! You WILL conquer this! Baby steps, one step at a time and you will kick butt!! Keep up the good work! I will continue those prayers! ❤️

Diane Lankton Diane Lankton

Susan, we have probably never met, but I was born and raised in Canden (Jeri Morong Holm can confirm that - we were neighbors and co-conspirators of a lot of highjinx along the way in high school) and we are Facebook friends, sharing a disgust of the current occupant in the WH. I am sorry to hear of your journey down the breast cancer path. I was diagnosed in the very early stage and had successful surgery and radiation. However, one of my African "daughters" was not so lucky. Fortunately, she, her husband and two boys (the youngest a month shy of his birthday)(and they still share my home). We were on parallel tracks , two months apart. She was 32 years old, and had her first mammogram because of my diagnosis. She underwent a lumpectomy to remove her tumor, breast reduction to "balance" herself up. Two rounds of chemo, radiation, and medication to force her into early menopause (that pesky estrogen), which she will take for many years. It is not a pleasant journey, but worth the fight. You have a strong and loving support group, and camp to look forward to! Keep going for the funfetti colors and chart your journey to suit you! Emily, you are doing an incredible job supporting your mom. You both have a funtastic and fantastic group of friends to help along the way. Let them help. I look forward to hearing of your progress, Susan!