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Susie's Care Page

This news may come a shock but after her annual mammogram in February, Susie was dianosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. All updates and meal calendars will posted here.

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Meal Ideas -

No time to cook? Or maybe cooking not your thing - here are some take out ideas to make providing a meal quick and easy.  This list will be updated regularly:

Meal Train Link

 Here are some favorite takeout places:
Minskys - Cheese and Prime Cut Pizza
Jimmy Johns - 2 Ham and Cheese Plain, 2 "Vitos" Chips etc
Oklahoma Joes or BBQ - 2 pulled pork sandswiches, 2 Burnt ends with beans and slaw
Rice House or Chinese - Gen Tso Chicken, Chicken with Broccoli and Sweet and Sour Chicken

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