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Susie's Care Page

This news may come a shock but after her annual mammogram in February, Susie was dianosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. All updates and meal calendars will posted here.

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Posted 2018-06-25T17:31:08Z


Progress Report for Susie        

Susie has completed the first four rounds of chemo (A/C adriamycin /Cytoxan).  These were the hardest/strongest of the chemo treatments, administered every two weeks, and Susie was able to complete them without any delays.  This is great news.  Currently, Susie is receiving weekly chemo treatments every Wednesday.  These treatments are Taxol and are scheduled to be complete by August 22.  

The tumors are shrinking and surgery is being planned for mid September.    

The meals have been VERY helpful and the Caisley’s are very thankful for the support.  New meal sign ups are now open for July and August.

  Once chemo is complete and the surgery plan is set a new update will be posted.

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