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Suzi's Status

To keep family and friends updated on Suzi's progress.

Latest journal entry

Great Week

Suzi has made some great progress during the last week, and today she was the most alert she has been since her stroke.  She made some jokes today and was very talkative.  Her speech is still a whisper, but it is getting stronger.  I was telling her to do a lot of things today like move your leg, hand, shoulder, this way and that way.  She proceeded to tell me that she didn't like me telling her what to do all the time.  I thought it was a good time to fill her in on my legal guardianship, which means I am the boss.  Her reply, "So I have to do everything you say? I don't think so. You are not the boss of me." Other milestones today where FaceTime with kids and dog, throwing a ball, and wiping her eyes with a tissue.  She was also moving her legs a lot, so that is great sign that she will gain the use of them at some point. Today she also told me that she looks forward to going home.  Today was the most encouraging day so far.

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